Soulshine is on a journey. Maybe you havent heard.... Maybe you didnt get the email or text message.... "Git on Board", take a "Leap of Faith".... And get ready for something new....


From headlining outdoor festivals to playing small coffeehouses, Soulshine has exemplified diversity in both musical style and presentation.

The four guys that would eventually become Soulshine had tasted success in the local music scenes around Wisconsin by the summer of 2004. A compelling urge to break away from the lifestyle of the bar scene led frontman Cory Baker to question the path he was headed. Baker later explained, “My goal was to devote my life to Christ and one issue that was a stumbling block was music and my lifestyle with it. So I decided to start over using music as an offering.” The result became Soulshine.

It took awhile for Soulshine to get moving. Much like an artist with a blank canvas, Soulshine had to work from scratch. Gradual progress was made throughout 2005, eventually culminating in a main stage performance at Marian College’s Heritage Festival.

Soulshine quickly gained momentum in 2006. They began to create a stir in the Wisconsin Christian music scene after headlining several venues and churches statewide, most notably Cup O’ Joy in Green Bay. Their large rock show also went over well at the outdoor music festivals of Walleye Weekend and the Fond du Lac Christian Music Fest.

In September 2006, Soulshine displayed their versatility by performing their first acoustic show. The contrast was welcomed by fans and opened up the band to playing coffeehouses and other small venues that were not an option with the larger rock show. These acoustic performances provided the opportunity to broaden their fan base and supplement their schedule while leaving a craving for their rock show. They closed out 2006 having quadrupled their performance frequency from the previous year.

Through it all Soulshine has kept community involvement a top priority alongside an increasingly demanding schedule. Their call for service brought about a partnership to raise money for a local Youth For Christ organization as well as a benefit concert to support St. Jude’s Hospital.

Somewhere in all of this, “Soulshine” started to become a buzzword. Their success in Wisconsin helped Soulshine break across state lines in the closing months of 2006, with further travel scheduled for January 2007. Having already made media appearances in both live television and radio, Soulshine looks forward to future challenges and opportunities. One such opportunity is a full-length album, which is in the works for early 2007. It is difficult to predict what God has in store for Soulshine, but the future ahead of them looks promising.



Written By: Baker/Zabler/Thompson/Howard

Life has been deceiving
They told me to save myself
I turned my back on the sun that shines down on me
Let it shine for another day

I'm burned down to ashes but I wanna be free
Bless me & rebuild me, all ambition has left my soul
(And I'm starved)

Lord, I've been unworthy
Like Peter's hands unto your feet
I washed away all the words that you told me
Lead me down to the water's edge

I've been avoiding in vain the little voice in my head
I cried out for support with all the tears that I bled
When I was down I was brought to my feet
By the shepherd man who suffered for me
I knew what lied ahead when I accepted the Word
Standing eye to eye with a double-edged sword
Save me Lord as I live my life starved of all my pride

Grace is what you give me
Devotion is all you crave
I spread the News with the strength that I now carry
Soon enough I will see your face


Leap of Faith

Written By: Baker/Zabler/Thompson

Baby’s home but everything’s not the way its supposed to be
Daddy's gone but says he’s gonna stay right by your side
Reality starts setting in & she begins to see the truth
For what it’s worth & who comes first
And now she’s gotta get to work

But don’t give up today
Or let the passion fade
And if you lose your way
You can take a leap of faith

Baby’s grown & now he’s gotta learn to try & hold his own
Breaking rules just to see if he could get some sympathy
Reality is on his own he’ll be alone
Unless he sees more families with strong beliefs
Or someone who will care about him

But nobody’s got it made
It’s how your cards are played
And if you lose your way
You can take a leap of faith


Die Tryin'

Written By: Baker

Walking down to the river with my true best friend
I would give thank for the love he sends
And as I grew older & as my interests changed
I left home so early to find my own way

I found my way to the city & let our friendship stray
I found temptations that took my mind away
Thought I was so strong that I could walk down both roads
Those bad choices brought a war on my soul
There was a war for my soul
I let the devil in me
There was a war for my soul

I've done some bad things in my selfish past
And I don't think that I can change them
So send the angels in to repair my worn out soul
I can't control the way the dice roll
And if this is my last test I don't think I will pass
But God willing I'll die tryin'

I swam to the bottom & it was dark down there
And I found myself with that same cold stare
I would talk to my friend less & less each year
Asking him for his help in my time of fear
I was broke down
But I still didn't hear

I was so destroyed, just an empty shell
I asked that friend to take away this hell
Now I don't live for myself & I give all that I can
For my best friend who still holds my hand
He's still holding my hand
Like when I was young
He still holds my hand after all that I have done



Soulshine EP (2006)

Set List

Set List is mostly originals with a few covers mixed in.
A typical set lasts about 2 hours.

Blow Me Away, Carnival Ride, Die Tryin', Four-Letter Word, Git on Board, Keep Your Eyes Up, Leap of Faith, Look What You've Done To Me, My Father, Not a Moment of Doubt, Out of Sync, Set Me Right, Square One, Starved, The Light, You Gotta Believe Me

Second Guessing (Jonny Lang), Right Here (Jeremy Camp), Flood (Jars of Clay), I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan), Long Train Runnin' (Doobie Brothers)