Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Soulshine was formed by a diverse group of musicians with one goal in pay tribute to the songs and artists who inspire them and to create original modern blues music in that same spirit.


SOULSHINE is a rockin-blues band which touches upon a variety of different sub-genres........from Texas-Blues with Stevie Ray Vaughn & Arc Rock-a-Billy with The Stray Cats & The blues inspired rock with Robin Trower & Jim traditional blues with BB King & Buddy contemporary blues with Joe Bonamassa & Chris Duarte.

Of course there are also SOULSHINE originals!

SOULSHINE was conceived with these goals in mind:

* To pay tribute to, and keep alive, certain classic blues songs by performing SOULSHINE-infused renditions of them
* To pay tribute to certain artists who have influenced and inspired us by performing select songs by them, but with a SOULSHINE flavor
* To create original modern blues music by combining the spirit of the songs and artists who inspire us with our own "seasoning"
* To consistently deliver exciting, energetic and memorable live performances
* To work closely with club owners, festival organizers and promoters to put on a first-class show
* To deliver all of the above in a professional manner
* And most have fun along the way!

How do we do all of that? You put together a group of like-minded musicians....each with loads of experience (but with different musical backgrounds), superior musicianship, great attitudes and a commitment to accomplishing these goals. You add hard work, lots of rehearsals, an open and honest environment. You choose songs that mean something to us (beacuse those always feel/sound different) as opposed to adding songs simply because "that is what people are expecting to hear".


Set List

SOULSHINE Original Music

Tore Up - Soulshine
Bridgeview - Soulshine
33 - Soulshine
Try The Veal - Soulshine
Pear Apology - Soulshine
The Wolf - Soulshine
Are We There Yet - Soulshine
Lou's Blues - Soulshine
A Thread So Thin - Soulshine
Lucy - Soulshine
Son of a Working Man - Soulshine
Miss Jaki - Soulshine
Shoot First - Soulshine

SOULSHINE infused covers

Empty Arms - SRV
Too Rolling Stoned - Robin Trower
Big Legged Woman - Chris Duarte
Feelin Alright - Soulshine arrangement
Give Me One Reason - Joe Bonamassa
Rumble in Brighton - Brian Setzer
Next in Line - Robin Trower
Soulshine - The Allman Brothers
The Letter - Joe Cocker
Vehicle - Ides of March
Jesus Just Left Chicago - ZZ Top
Day of The Eagle - Robin Trower
Superstition - SRV
Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top
NationWide - ZZ Top Empty Arms
Shape I'm In - Arc Angels
True Lies -