Soul Shoes

Soul Shoes


Take all the emotive passion of the greatest writers, sonic experimentationalism of the most beautiful soundscapes, confuse pop and motown dance sensibilities with shoegazery and jangly 80's indie, add a pinch of salt to taste and hit record. Remove when done.


Hi, we are Loui and Kat – Soul Shoes.

We have been playing live as Soul Shoes for six months now, taking in a few of Southampton’s better, and not so better venues along the way. Some of these shows we have put on ourselves, inviting along bands we like to join us, a couple of our shows have been with local promoters who also put on bands we like.

After a few years of playing bit parts in a selection of local bands, we decided to go it alone and do things our own way. This independence has allowed us to develop our own style of writing, song structure and playing. The songs we have submitted to this site were recorded in Southampton’s Shelter Studio, and feature Loui (guitar and vocals) and Kat (drums and vocals), along with a little help from some friends.

Much of our inspiration comes from non-musical sources. It's a cliche' in a small way but we are inspired every bit as much by emotive writing in novels or spur-of-the-moment photographic scenes as by our favourite bands. What musical influences we do have come from Sonic Youth, ...Trail of Dead, bands from the ongoing Riot-grrrl movement, Kate Bush, Okkervil River amongst others. In a way we hope that we sound like all of these bands, in other ways we hope we don't.

Our future plans are to put on more shows, hopefully creating a kind of gig swap system with out-of-town bands, get more exposure and eventually begin playing shows further afield.

We hope you enjoy our music.
Loui and Kat x


In this stage of musical infancy we hope to strengthen our songs live before committing to a full-scale release. In the meantime, please listen to our demoed tracks on this site

Set List

Sets are typically 30-45 minutes long (although ever expanding). We try to avoid covers but occasionally throw in a Veils song.
Tracks: Let's Sleep Until Spring, You Can Kiss With Confidence, Soon, First I Check for A pulse, No Persona, Sleep Tight, Fallen Leaves