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Performing an Exact Revenge
There’s a whole lotta soul in this edition of Demoltion – the reviews are on two “soulful” bands, Soul-Sick and Soulshake. Both are as far from Motown as you can get, so don’t confuse the word “soul” with, say, Martha & The Vandellas. These bands aren’t even in that realm!

In fact, Oceanside’s Soul-Sick is metal and hardcore at its heaviest and hardest. This new disc follows up their now-infamous demo, Still Sick & Suffering, that’s become a favorite in the underground scene. To give this new effort authenticity, the band opted for producer A.J. Novello of Leeway, and recruited guest appearances by Carly Coma and Kenneth Schalk.
Band members include The Mighty Caputo on vocals, James Barbella on guitars, Matt Wargas on bass, and Dan Komis on drums. No studio was listed, but Novello’s take-no-prisoners production style makes this about as heavy an album as anything that’s been released locally in years. Of course, Soul-Sick’s rabid Long Island fan base has propelled them to regional tours, so this album seems like a natural progression from all the roadwork they’ve been part of.

Highlights from the 13 tracks included here include “Blast Furnace,” which features Coma; the opener, “All Rise,” which blasts out of the speakers like an escaped lion; and “Red, White, Black, and Blue,” every bit as clever (and brutal) as its title.
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– Syl Nathan



soul-sick's debut release on indie label born wrong records: "PERFORMING AN EXACT REVENGE" is 13 songs of sonic brutality. mixing elements of thrash/ metal/ breakbeat/ hardcore & rap into a juggernaut of east coast rage. PRODUCED Y A.J. NOVELLO OF LEEWAY with GUEST APPEARENCES FROM CARLY COMA & KEN SCHALK OF CANDIRIA. in the past soul-sick has toured/ played with such bands as: slipknot, candiria, snot, sevendust, meshuggah, vision of disorder, madball, hatebreed, soulfly & many others. soul-sick is dedicated to thier profession and prooves it with "PERFORMING AN EXACT REVENGE"


Feeling a bit camera shy


SOUL-SICK IS BRUTALITY AT IT'S FINEST!!! coming straight out of LONG ISLAND. N.Y., they began a few years back with a rabid fanbase, soon enough everyone who was anyone on the N.Y. metal/hardcore scene had SOUL-SICK on their lips... not long after, SOUL-SICK began playing and/or touring with bands such as MESHUGGAH, CLUTCH, VISION OF DISORDER, MADBALL, SEVENDUST, SEPULTURA, SNOT, SICK OF IT ALL, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES & many others. MTV recently declared SOUL-SICK "THE BEST UP & COMING METAL BAND TODAY".