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The best kept secret in music


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"Several Feelings" - debut album. With 12 songs:
What is true
Destroy my blood
Of your subconscious
Come up to fly away
No pain
Millions of reasons
Don't look at me
Sell me
Even to recognize
Loves my mind
Tears of sea

“Skater Rock Vol.1/2/3” - Compilation.
Versailles Records - street date: April 1st, 2008.
Songs: "What is True" & "Loves my Mind".

Single: Walk with Me.
SoulsilenS and Giovanni.
A Rap/Pop-rock hit song.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from Brazil, SoulsilenS departs on their world tour, to promote “Several Feelings” and become one with fans worldwide. SoulsilenS is a way of saying peace within, and in other words, the silence of the soul. They offer an array of emotional experiences that allows you to connect with yourself through inner thoughts, feelings, and expressions. When we are one with ourselves, we can be a society of one.

They speak a universal language of raw, human emotions, which is evident in their music. "What Is True" talks about having the right attitude when confronting realities. “You do have to love what is true”. “No Pain” speaks about things that hurt and the thought of living life without pain. Through a very emotional sequence of events, the song states, “I figured my life with no pain.” "Pollution" refers to the pollution of society and humanity, as well as the lack of respect for things that we need to flourish. “Millions of Reasons” is an energetic rock song that embodies millions of reasons to love. Their debut album, “Several Feelings”, emits experiences of youth that evolves into mature expressions that teens can relate to and adults can identify with. This is a musical journey from gut wrenching roots in grunge, to a place where one can experience rage, love and rock.

While their whole is greater than the sum of its parts, each member adds a distinct contribution to the group. Arthur, the drummer, is often noted for his wit and the fact that he was courageous in the early days of the group. During their humble beginnings, he would often play drums with buckets and pans. Jeff is very family oriented. At an early age, he suffered the tragic loss of both of his parents. His dedication to music allows him to express himself in ways that others can relate. Alex fulfills every student’s dream of having a rocker for a teacher. With his math background, it is not unusual that he is the detail-oriented member of the group. Andrei is a big dreamer. His ambition and drive propels the group’s influence as they spread their message worldwide.

Steady rhythm by Arthur, consistent bass by Jeff, signature guitar melodies and poignant vocals from lead singers, and guitarists, Andrei and Alex, gel to make the sounds of SoulsilenS. If anything sets SoulsilenS apart from their rock counterparts, it’s their message: When you have peace within, you can truly love others. And then of course, they rock!