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Layin' down only hotness and excellence for His Excellency in gratitude to Him who gave His best...His only begotten Son.


Daniel A. Maestre-Torres a.k.a. “Myestro”, founder of Soul Snatchin' Productions was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and spent most of his youth living in both Puerto Rico and California where he was influenced with both the English and Spanish language and as a result his musical influences derived from both the Latino and Hip-Hop culture. After years of polishing his God given craft to produce Hip-Hop music and following the vain pursuit of fame he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in 2004 and shortly after discovered the Higher Calling on his life. He then realized that to be known by the Lord is more important than to be known by men. With a burning desire to preach God’s Word, he submitted himself to be discipled by Pastor Gabby Mejias from Iglesia el Calvario to be led into fullfilling God’s purpose. The Lord used him in His service beginning by ministering at a local juvinile detention center, produce music for ministers in the Holy Hip-Hop industry and leading small group studies. Shortly after he was installed as an associatte Pastor for the Young Adult Ministry of SHIFT and within a year time frame his ministry evolved to that of a Youth Pastor for BLAZE Youth Ministries at the sister church of Manantial de Bendicion. He strives to make Jesus Christ known whether it’s from the puplit or through music, to use all the means possible so that by all possible means some might be saved. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Church Leadership at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and is a member of New Birth Orlando serving under the leadership of Senior Pastor Gabby Mejias.


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