Soulstarr: drunk on guitars but sobered by melody. Electrifying live performances convey the light and shade, while bandmates display wildly calm energy. A grand reverbal sound with the intimicy of acoustic songwriting.


Having formed in early 2003, SOULSTARR have quickly established themselves on the live music scene. Impressively, the band's very first gig led to their victory in the Iroz Music 'Quest for the Best Unsigned Bands' competition. Since then SOULSTARR have been consistent in gigging, most recently supporting The Zutons on their latest promotional tour. The Edinburgh based band are eager musicians, experienced beyond their years. Despite all five members being full-time students the band are committed to a busy schedule and insist on writing, recording and producing all their own music independently. Now in the midst of recording their debut album, which follows their current EP, the band takes complete artistic and commercial control of their music. Drawing on their diverse influences, the band's sound is contemporary acoustic-rock contrasted with soulful vocals and original lyrics. SOULSTARR's passion for music, belief in their endeavours and love of performing is evident in their polished live sets.

All 5 band members have varying tastes in music ranging from folk to rock and from Al Green to Radiohead. This eclectic mix allows us, as a band, to pull together varying musical ideas and use them to make our own music. What sets Soulstarr apart from many other bands is that we care about the Scottish music scene and feel that bands helping and promoting each other as well as themselves is the way forward. Also with three band members studying various music courses at university this has given us the oppurtunity to use the skills in composing, recording and producing our own music as well as having a small insight into the way the music industry works.


Ti Kaneis

Written By: Paul Dougall

Saving me is never easy saving you is worth a try....

Faster and Higher,
Safer and Lighter,
Smiling then Crying,
Loving and Lying.

Falling then Landing,
Contracting, Expanding,
Raining and Shining,
Existing and Dying.

Something changed... thats what you said.
The world's changing.. thats what I said.
And I know its not ideal,
But we still talk and we laugh and we smile and we cry.


Debut EP -

The Birth of Song: A Failed Attempt at Rock Monstrosity - Released 18th June 2005 on Broking Clothing Records.

Set List

21 Grams
You Could Never Die For It
The Glasshouse
Breathe Again
Goodnight Mr Tom
Ti Kaneis
High-Fives and Handshakes
Please Don't Give Up Just Yet

Sets usually range between 30 minutes-45 minutes.