Fast, energic and sypathemic. IF you dream the world conspire to help you believe. IF you love, there will be someone you haven't seen. IF you sing, you can sing something to help them believe.


From the Doves to Interpol to Sigur Ros to Johnny Cash. We write songs which are reflective but positive. We are naive. We are young. We are passionate about our MUSKICY!

Soulstarr were formed in 2003 by all members. Since then Soulstarr have been consistent in gigging, recently supporting The Zutons, The Ordinary Boys and The Kaiser Chiefs on their latest tours. Now it is time for SS to take to the STAGE!


Love is a Calculation

Written By: Soulstarr (S.Bogle).

I just can’t calculate this,
There is mutiny aboard this ship,
Shut down and sever,
Cut of your right arm,
It’ll save your left,

Sirens are flashing red,
Forget all love said,
This boat is stinking,
This plane is diving,
I thought too hard,

I gave it all up,
By order of the captain,
I took it all back,
I’ll run and float,
Its a knife to throat,

Love is calculation,
We change numbers,
We make it add,
We multiple until,
We divide into,
Two Two Two,


"The Birth of Song: a failed attempt at rock monstorsity." Debut EP released in June 2005!

Featured release on XFM Xposure - Jim Gellently
Podcasts - TBL Podcast, Three from Leith, Unsigned Podcast.

Set List

We normally play for 30 mins:

Love is a Calculation
Please Don't Give UP Just YET
Unexpected Change
21 Grams
Breathe Again
IT IS Written