Soulstice Music

Soulstice Music


Soulstice Music provides a tasteful fusion of Rock and Funk, with a slightly experimental vibe. They are strongly influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Rush, and Sufjan Stevens.


Soulstice Music is more or less an adventure that four Fort Mill teenagers are taking. The bond of music has kept guitarist David Liotta, bassist Hayden Davenport, and drummer Jared Best close from childhood and in recent years brought in another dear friend, singer Art Thomas. While each member fills the role of their primary instrument, the respective titles are to be taken lightly as each member is capable and likely to wander to different instrumental roles to follow each musical idea wherever it may lead. Influenced strongly by the funk-rock songwriting of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and including aspects of each individual's own personal tastes, from artists as diverse as Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, Incubus, Sigur Rós, and even Dream Theater, they have no intention to stay within the boundaries of a genre. Their music is meant to be nothing less than something they are completely satisfied with and that you the listener will hopefully enjoy enough to listen to again. They write, play, and perform with the mindset that being sincerely asked to do something again is the only way to know that a job has been done well. They have every intention to entertain and move you by doing what they love most.

Set List

The Flying Bear
The Chillin' Out Song
Welcome Back, Trecherous Past
Welcome In, Redemptive Future

Various Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs (Under the Bridge, Hey, Especially in Michigan, to name a few)
Tisbury Lane - Mae
I Will Posses Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie
Anna Molly - Incubus
Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens