Soulstream is a great new rock group making new music out of everything rock has always had! Great vocals including harmonies,rockin' guitar riffs,and a rhythm held together by a solid drummer and bassist.These guys should be a force to be reckoned with for a long time to come!


Rock music has always been about chemistry both on and off stage. Soulstream's members have been in groups together in many combinations since the mid 90's . They finally formed soulstream as it is in 2002. Mike,Steve, and Justin all went to Oneonta State College together where they studied music.Anthony has been an area songwriter for 10 years, producing,and arranging many N.Y. based acts. All 4 members influences span the globe, but as a band they admire Led Zeppelin, STP, The Who, The Foo Fighters,and the list goes on. The combination of what is old and what is new in rock or any music for that matter is what makes music appealing to all.


" Rent This Space" , Soulstream's Debut album, is currently being recorded in New York's famous Acme Studios,and should be released in November 2004. 3 songs from a previous demo are available at . These songs have made the airwaves on WVKR in Poughkeepsie, Radio Volta in Philadelphia,WVYC, York College of Pennsylvania,and WVCF, Fredonia.

Set List

Set lists vary depending on the setting. Soulstream has a long set of covers like "Times Like These", "The Immigrant Song", "7 Nation Army", "Open Up Your Eyes" etc. available on request.