SOULSTREAM ROCKS ! This is a band that combines everything we all love about every era of rock music with the sounds of today's hits!!


A collaborative effort of four guys with unlimited musical potential separates Soulstream from the rest. Anthony Pucci, Justin O’Leary, and Steve Pucci, not only make up one kick ass rock band, they write, perform, and produce themselves as well as other artists. Music is all they do, giving lessons by day, and making music the rest of the time. Thanks to Acme studios , Soulstream’s upcoming self titled album is sure to turn the heads of a music scene starving for something that rocks! Anthony had been writing songs for some time with many local acts including himself. His brother Steve was attending Oneonta’s music and music business school when he met Justin, a multi talented singer/songwriter. They would go on to play music both alone and together. As fate would have it, they all soon moved to Westchester County, NY. and joined forces with Anthony . The chemistry was undeniable.


Self Titled Full Length CD (2005)

Set List

SOULSTREAM can play any sized set, from a 45 minute album set , to a 3-4 hour cover/original set a la the Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The White Stripes, Godsmack, Elvis, and so much more!