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Soul Survivas

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Soul Survivas' mission is to bless the nation with edifying music that can heal the hearts and minds of those who need the word to comfort them. We minister through our music and the Lord will make the passion for him grow inside of you.


SOUL SURVIVAS MEMBERS: BLOODLINE, THA OVASEYA, MINISTRY, NEW LIFE, & “THE INCREDIBLE”, EDDIE B. In 1990, the Soul Survivas consist of Harold “Bloodline”, Ferguson & Christopher “Tha OvaSeya”, Smith. At the time they were a secular group. Later in the year, Chris received a vision from the Lord stating: “IF YOU DO THIS MUSIC FOR ME, I WILL MAKE IT THE BIGGEST THING EVER.” Receiving that revelation and letting Harold know what God told him, they started drifting away from the music. In 1996, after graduating high school, both men went there separate ways. Harold went on to serve his country enlisting in the Marines and Chris stayed home and went to College. In 2002, Chris joined a ministry by the name of Thunderstorm, where he found his true talent in his heritage, Reggae music. During the time he was with Thunderstorm making music and spreading God’s word, he and Harold got back in contact with each other. In mid 2003, they decided to start the ministry they were called to do. They hooked up with childhood friends, Damion “New Life”, Walden & Michael “Ministry”, Littleton and that’s when Soul Survivas were reborn. With Ministry’s lyrics filled with powerful knowledge of biblical truth, New Life’s incredible energy and writing skills, blending well with Bloodline’s laidback smooth down south flow, and Tha OvaSeya giving them a bit of Jamaica’s Dancehall flavor made them an unstoppable force. Later that year, they collaborated with Producer/CEO, Praize-Up Inc. Dee Jams, in recording three songs. “We Don’t Care”, “Sacrifice”, & “Get’Em Up”, for Dee Jams “Praize-Up the Next Level Compilation”, that was released in 2004. In 2004, “We Don’t Care”, went #1 in back to back weeks on the Christian-HipHop.Net Top-20 Countdown. Later that year, they added a new member to the team, Edward”The Incredible”, Eddie B.”, Foster IV to make the group complete. In 2005, they released the single “Grind”, that peaked at #3 on the Christian-HipHop.Net Top-20 Countdown and finished 2005 at #6 on there Top-100 songs of the year. Theses powerful men of God will continue to release those hits and keep spreading the word of God around the world…..


Everybody Get Up!

Written By: H. Ferguson, C.T. Smith, M. Littleton Jr., D. Waldon, & E. Foster IV



Written By: H.Ferguson, C.T. Smith,D. Walden, & E. Foster IV



"Everybody Get Up!", went #3 on The Christian-HipHop.Net Top-20 Countdown in 2006. Soul Survivas debut album "Uncommon Nature", is available for downloading on