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The Soul Suvivaz are a christ centerd gospel rap group who soul purpose is to spread the truth of the word of God, expounding on the principles of the apostolic doctorine (Acts2:38).Combinig the holy scrtipture with the ruggedest beats, The Survivaz are ready to take evangilism to a whole new level


The Soul Suvivaz is a group of four young people bringing the raw truth about repentance, salvation and the life in Christ through tight lyrics,hot beats and a whole new flava to gospel hip-hop. Christ Jesus originally gave the vision to MainFrame the leader of the group. The Lord showed MainFrame that young people were often neglected as far as their needs, and showed him the type of ministry that young people would recieve. The church was reaching out but couldn't see the needs of a rising culture represented by the new generation of saints. On the flip side he showed Main Frame that hip-hop based ministry is a powerful tool in drawing souls to Christ. Started in 1995 the Soul Suvivaz was originally 6 members deep; all but two members of the original group had left, Main Frame and Virtuous. God saw this combo and sent two more warriors of the gospel that would fit better than the original crew, Live Wire and D-Truth. Today the Soul Suvivaz ministry is four members deep. The SS surprise audiences at every show, they have a new sound, even to gospel hip-hop , a universal sound, a heavenly sound. The SS have overcome many obstacles and with Christ, have come out on top. Christ first, life second, thats the equation, the sum of it all you can hear in the music. The Suvivaz are based in Anderson S.C . Our ministry is to reach a generation who's ears are dull of hearing, through the uncut word using hip hop evangilism. Originaly 6 members deep, the SS have evolved over the years from 1995 to 2004, but the message is the same holy ghost and baptisim in Jesus name.


The Doctrine (2002)
Eternal Glory (2003) SUVIVA TACKTICKZ MIXTAPE VOL.1. (2005)

Set List

Eternal Glory Set Tracks: Gory thang, Walkin in tha Light, Tha truth, More than Conqueres, Fully Pursuaded, Lost and Found, Holy Holy

Our songs last a average of 4 min, sets usually last around 30 min