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The Sound of Universal Love contains Various Instrument Behaviors where you can find all the love and groovy sounds combined into one, with lyrically a mix of Bahasa and English


Soulvibe has earned a reputation as Jakarta’s Hawt up and coming Neo-Soul, R&B, and Jazz act, since their conception back in ’03. They personally call their music as “Pop Universal”. Made up of two front men Abenk & Bayu on Vocals, Bassist Handy, Asa on Guitar, Caesar on Drums, Frans on Piano and Rio on Synth, “Sounds of Universal Love” never fails to elevate the vibe in every show with their vibrant presence. “We just started out by playing and having a good time on stage, sharing our common love for soulful music and from there things just fall into place!” Bayu states.

Here’s the latest review from their performance at International Java Jazz Festival 2009:
“Soulvibe finally reached their stardom. It was very crowded with all their enthusiastic fans; the feeling could be sensed even before the show started. They opened up the show creatively and interestingly with house techno music style, through a DJ, and then they joined on stage giving their all for a really blasting performance. I felt really happy to see how youngsters or teenagers could learn to love jazz from the performance of energic youngsters with modern concept like Soulvibe.” (

Aside from performing, Soulvibe has been productive in writing their original tunes, incorporating everything they’ve been influenced by, both on stage and in the studio. Back in ’05, they’ve even had their demo version of their original tune “No More” played on one of Jakarta’s leading radio stations, in which they’ve climbed up the chart, all the way to the top!

“After a long writing process and careful selection of songs, we had chosen 11 tracks to be properly recorded and produced for our debut album, which was released in January ‘08”, vocalist Abenk says. Each member has contributed in writing these songs, sharing their stories and musical ideas, making the album rich with their mixture of different backgrounds and character.

The debut album also had a warm respond from their fans. It has been an amazing year they delivered a message of universal love in their own soulful way! “Soulvibe enhances a mixture of discrete music genres, spanning across hip hop, related to the frequent rap lines, RnB, pop, funk, and some other out of the box styles. But above all, jazz accounts for its dominant influence, evident on the sets of chord progression formed throughout the tracks.” (Indonesiajazzreview)

Since their very first album, Soulvibe has committed to show their true colors and keep exploring the unique identity of the band. Do you feel the vibe!? Yes I feel the Vibe! It's Soulvibe!


Terang Jiwa

Written By: Rizqi Rizaldi

Kurasakan alunan nada
Pada pesona merasuk jiwa
Mungkinkah ini, sebuah arti
Kehadiran diri-Mu

Sinar aura-Mu menerangiku
Membuat diriku merasa baru
Rendahkan hati, buka mataku
Pada Keagungan-Mu

Kini kusadari hati
yang tertutup pada diri-Mu
Kehadiran-Mu di setiap nafasku

Terang jiwaku

Bila saja lebih dulu
Kau kuresapi dalam kalbuku
Terang jiwaku

Hanya pada-Mu Kaulah satu
Sinari relung hatiku
Hanya pada-Mu Kaulah satu
Sinari terang jiwaku

Arti Hadirmu

Written By: Rizqi Rizaldi

You are everyting I need
and I want, girl

Bagai mentari pagi, indahmu hadirkan
hangat suasana
Kini aku sadari auramu terangi
Ubah hari-hari kelabu jadi ceria
Kini aku mengerti dirimulah
pelita hatiku

Senyummu cerahkan terang hariku
Senyummu sirnakan beban fikirku
Senyummu siratkan arti hadirmu
Saat kita bersama kasih
Kau sejukkan hatiku

Kala bulan sinari malam ini
Teringatku akan hadirmu disini

Angankupun melayang jauh
Rinduku bersama dirimu
Tak ingin lupakanmu
Kau selalu denganku

I Want You Back

Written By: Rizqi Rizaldi

It's like
When it's hard for you to sleep at night
And you don't know what to do
It's like
When you wake up in the morning
And there's no one by your side

When you need someone
To hold you close, and there's
no one you could run to
Now I've been thinking about you
Guide me back, through your love

I want you back in my life
(in my life)
What am I supposed to do
Now you're not here
Come back, in my life

Think Twice

Written By: Bayu Adi

You got to think twice, hold on
You got to think twice, for your love

I see the sky so clear and feel the sun
brighten up my day
So that's when you came
we both feel the vibe
Don't rush, girl we got to think twice
and all we got to do
is believe in each other

Warna Cinta

Written By: Ramadhan Handy

Hadirmu, disetiap suasana
Membuat diriku tergoda
Wajahmu, senyummu, indahmu
Membekas di sudut jiwa ini

Beradu tatap bola mata kita
Seakan kau tahu, satu anganku
Dan ternyata kini kusadari
Diriku, menginginkanmu

Dan gundah membelenggu
Kuhanya ingin ungkapkan rasa ini
hanya padamu
Ingin kukecup, semua warna cinta
yang ada
Pada dirimu kasih

Selalu kurindu, pertemuan itu
Saat canda tawa cerahkan hariku
Bersamamu, kau sejukkan hatiku


• Single Track "No More" - Demo Version (2005)
• Soulvibe - Self Titled (Gowa Music 2008)
• "Go Fast for Your Soul" - Synchronize Session One Compilation (Demajors 2009)

Set List

Soulvibe's set list features their original songs in 30 minutes to 1 hour show.
1. Intro
2. Terang Jiwa
3. Warna Cinta
4. Percayalah
5. No More
6. Biarlah
7. Arti Hadirmu
8. Your Smile
9. Masih

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