Sound of Lions

Sound of Lions

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Mood-driven music, rooted in thick bass and drums. Gut-wrenching lyrics complimented by smooth soulful vocals and the occasional thoughtful rap. Varying guitar textures and mpc samples strewn throughout. Distinct, provocative and accesible.


Sound of Lions are a five-piece female-fronted hip-hop/rock/soul act, known for their mood-driven beats and sincere lyrical content. Encapsulating but restrained, bass-heavy yet ambient, their debut album 11:44 has wide-reaching market appeal as a result of straddling multiple genre's. On rhythm, Joel (bass) and Marco (drums) create a solid background from which Christian (turntables, vocals) and Will (guitar, background vocals) are able to tease varying and challenging sounds. All of this culminates in an environment for Whitneys soulful voice and introspective lyrics to shine through.

The album, recorded at Liverpool Studios by Ottawa music engineer, Jay Fee, has been compared to Morcheebas Dive Deep and Adeles 21. The opening song, Blue, builds slowly as it goes from beautiful to chaotic in four minutes. Tracks, One and Passive Attack, both of which appeared on Sound of Lions three-song demo "Good Night Bad Weather" have been reworked and now feature Christians powerful rap delivery. The album closer and title track, already a favourite at live shows, breaks hearts, with Whitney giving a Sade-like performance that mixes gut-wrenching lyrics with a captivating melody.

The band is ready to release their follow-up album 'Take me with you' in spring of 2014.  The album has been produced by Philippe Lafreniere of Souljazz Orchestra / Up and Up Music (record label), Jay Jaknunas of Metropolitan Studio, as well as the band members themselves. Plans to tour Europe in summer 2014 are already in motion.

Sound of Lions hopes to achieve a more creatively dynamic, progressive sounding album, while building on their strengths of their well-recieved debut album.



Written By: Whitney Delion

A million things I should have done
Chose instead to chase the sun (yes I did)
And oh how I missed you, I needed to feel you everywhere I went
My pockets were empty, nothing was worth anything I could have spent

I love the way I feel today
I needed this in a real bad way
And I should have called them back
I should have been responsible
But when the day attacks, I’m lost and I’m unreachable

Hey hey x4

And all of a sudden the city is bigger in the last few days
And everyone scrambles to get on the highest point and feel the sun rays
Sweep over my skin, I’m gonna let it sink in
Release what you find, and let it ride
Hey hey x4


Written By: Whitney Delion & Christian Awad


I just got into the swing of things
I figured out how to ease the aching part
A little thought that wouldn’t let me be
A blind spot that I see, finally

You were barking up the wrong apple tree
I let the bad get the best of me
Now I see it as a good thing we parted ways
All the mistakes I made, that was just a phase

I can’t sleep, all I see is California burning
Try to wake up, but couldn’t look away
I was drawn to the siren call
Watching the lions falls
No kings, she promised she won’t cry at all
And I was playing my girl by the temptations
Record skip, from the dust in the wires,
So faint, every note she’ll be left waiting
If you love her better stay in the fire
It’s desire that we follow through the neck of the bottle
When you’re broke you can’t leave it alone, why bother
My brother’s standing next to the sun, it’s too late to take the breath from his lungs.

I’ve got it now,
Instead of twisting my arm, I’ll let it be
I’ve got it now
Instead of twisting my arm, I’ll go willingly

Don’t mind the fire, creepin’, crawling’ underneath my feet
I’m here the light up skies

I’ve got it now,
Instead of twisting my arm, I’ll let it be
I’ve got it now
Instead of twisting my arm, I’ll go willingly

Counting 8's

Written By: Whitney Delion

Counting 8’s

So many thoughts that boy had in his head
The things that he wrote and the things that I read
It all seemed to turn me suspiciously red
It all seemed to bring back that voice in my head

Every chance the damage was done
A life like a river, a life on the run
A likely companion had shown me a ton,
He showed be the way to begin

Oh ya, the sky turned black
I’ve never seen you when you act like that
And now you, you can’t turn back
It’s moving in, and I’m afraid

He didn’t matter, it was all just a song
I was hunting my game, that’s why I tagged along
When I read what he wrote, it was just like a dream
That somebody like me could burst at the seams.


'Good Night Bad Weather' - 3 song EP

'11:44' - Debut Album

"Bloody Valentine" - Flight Distance feat. Sound of Lions off the album Bad Information

"Take Me With You" Secondary Album

Set List

Counting Eights
The Young
Bad Game

The Rain