Sound and Science

Sound and Science


Sound and Science is a Progressive Soft Rock Band from Vancouver Island that has built a huge fan base across Canada by constantly performing with an amazing live show and promoting there unique music across the web. Sound and Science is the music you have always wanted.


Sound and Science was formed in late 2006 when Lead Vocalist and pianist Rob Wilkinson (formerly from Duncan’s ‘Enseven’) and guitarist Malcom Owen-Flood (currently in metal act ‘Messiahs In Fiction’) met through acquaintances and began jamming. They soon began writing songs, having discovered an unexpected mutual interest in contemporary soft rock.With the addition of guitarist Sean Edmunds, drummer Luke Cuthbert and bassist Riley Tustian, the band was complete.

Since then, Sound and Science has been writing, gigging, and expanding their musical horizons. Praised by Lexi Bainas of the Cowichan Valley Citizen as having “great vocals, some sharp metal edges and good, energetic songs”, Sound and Science pride themselves on their song-writing and the energy of their live performances. They have shared the stage with name acts such as Daniel Wesley and The Armchair Cynics, and are regular performers – at the Cowichan Valley’s premier performance venue – the Duncan Garage.

With their self-recorded demo nearing completion under the guidance of producer and guitarist Malcom Owen-Flood, Sound and Science is determined to make themselves heard and is currently in search of an independent label.

To Contact Us Call - 2505101312 and email
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EP - Burn Your Boats - 2010 - Debut Album Release

Late November has been heard on various Radio stations

Set List

1. Ambient Intro
-Transitions into-
2. My Design
3.You'll Come Around
4. Lifeline
-(depending on set time an acoustic ambient mini set is inserted here with alot of smoke and lights set up)
1.(acoustic set) Whisper
2.(acoustic set) A Million Little Peices
3.(Acoustic set) Until Now
4.(Acoustic Set) Sound and Science

- Return into the full band set here-

5. Burn Your Boats
6. Boston

7.Bad Time Betty(featuring Guest Vocals by Sarah Crabb)
8. A new song is played at this point to advertise the upcoming album
9. Late November


10. Fact and Intuition

Our set can time anywhere from 2 hours - 15 mins. So how ever long you want us to play, we will do it!

Some cover songs are thrown into longer sets. - coldplay, redhotchilipeppers, ect..