Sound and Speedway

Sound and Speedway


A three piece band from Calgary, Sound And Speedway focuses on an acoustic-based style, while drawing elements from a range of different genres


It began as a two-piece light acoustic style arrangement formed by two close friends. After a couple months, the music was broadened by a third member who had similar tastes, and it eventually added much more to the sound, aswell as opened the possibilities to cross the paths of different genres.

Across the three members, influences tend to be all across the board, from pop icons such as The Shins to the acoustic/folk icons such as City in Color


Ep in progress

Set List

Street Subtle Spotlight
The Countdown
Calmer Than I May Appear
The Follow Up

Most sets including covers can last anywhere from 45mins-90mins

Covers fall in a wide range among our influences, such as tunes from coldplay, tegan&sara, Sebastien grainger, the foo fighters.