Heavy yet melodic, high energy hard rock for the masses.


Soundbender is the result of dedication, lots of caffeine, and pure undying desire to make rock music. Born in the winter of 2000, soundbender is a musical force to be reckoned with.
Drawing on many influences both old and new soundbender is anything but generic. Their high energy stage show and strong melodic hooks set them apart and are sure to win over any audence.
In the year 2002 they released their first 7 song EP entitled "High Downing". The following two years brought lots of shows and radio exposure on various rock stations throughout the state of Maine. This helped to establish an ever growing fan base, and also encouraged the band to grow and write lots of new material.
The band has just released it's second EP, a 4 song self titled CD which was recorded at Sanctum sound in Boston, MA and produced by Mark Zuppe. The new disk is being well recieved by fans and peers alike and is already in rotation at several radio stations.
For soundbender the future is looking bright, they plan to tour like crazy and establish themselves on the national scale.


Building a Wall

Written By: Jesse Thulin

Today she wakes and shoves the pain
Inside again until tomorrow
Ever hope full, when she wakes
She won’t feel this pain

No more will it get the best of her
Now she’s putting up her walls again

So now she’s come to realize
Somehow she has grown stronger
Still it haunts her she’d close her eyes
But she’d still feel this pain.


-2002 EP, "High Downing" includes the tracks Boredom, Disbelief, Seven, Mind, Sick love song, Wasting time, and Unable.
Nearly all tracks from this CD have recieved radio play at one time or another however the tracks Boredom and Unable stand out as the two most widely played choices.

-2004 EP, Self titled, includes the tracks Building a Wall, Sink or Swim, Boredom, and Mind. The band wanted to re-record it's favorite two tracks from the first CD with proper production as well as release some of it's new material.
The track "Building a Wall" is the current radio single.

Set List

Soundbender setlists vary depending on how long the venue wants them to play. they choose from a catalog of 17 or 18 original songs. Here is a sample setlist if the band were to play a venue that requested an hour or so long set.

Deaf and Divided- Heavy, usually opener

Throw- Is led directly into from last song

Afterglow- Accented with some "choreography"

Together We Are Broken- Arena filling chorus

Mind- Dynamic soft to heavy song, a crowd fave

Boredom- Fast paced, catchy

Building a Wall- Radio single, catchy chorus

Sink or Swim- Soft intro into loud intro, dynamic

Getaway- Fun almost danceable rock song

In Front of Me- Newer song, heavy, stompin'

Breaking Point- a heavier, rhythm driven song

Leaving California- softer, slower, almost jazzy

Wasting Time- another soft/slow yet still rockin'

No Control- catchy guitar riff, good crowd song

Exactly- newest, written to please everyones tastes