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The best kept secret in music


"The Total Package"

“ …A big fan of this band since receiving their debut CD High Downing, I was secretly speculating if they could even come close to actually pulling off live what they sound like on the disk. Without going into too much detail, I’ll simply make a couple of quick observations: Witnessing their intense forty minute set of rugged modern rock-core a la Creed/Puddle of Mudd/Godsmack, Soundbender did absolutely nothing to diminish my initial fervor. These guys are great! And if they’re not yet even performing out as often as other bands currently playing the New England club circuit, then there must be a whole lot of truth to the old cliché ‘practice makes perfect.’ Got this sneaky suspicion Soundbender could easily become one of those local bands that somehow quietly slips under most everybody’s radar screen, suddenly appearing from out of nowhere on the national scene. Tight as hell, a great stage presence, great songwriting/hooks/riffs and they’re still young –the total package. If anyone’s got what it takes to get major label reps sniffing around, my money’s on Soundbender…”

written by Steve Lea
December 2002 - Face Magazine

"WTOS's Chris Rush comments on soundbender!"

These guys are as original as original can be. A truly diverse and melodic band that can really pack a punch. Last year Sink or Swim made a tremendous impact on our phones during the Homegrown month of July. I see them moving on to bigger and better things. We're proud to be behind these young and talented musicians every step of the way.

Chris Rush

Assistant Program Director
105.1 WTOS FM
207.623.9000 ext#105
- n/a

"Spread the Word"

When a disc that really blows you away, falls into your lap, you have no choice but to spread the word. So it is out of a love for great hard rock and a sense of obligation that this review of soundbender's self-titled EP has graced our Demolition page.
This four-piece unit offers little in the way of attitude or image. The band's only request is that you "sit back, listen, and let soundbender make the music."
There is a definite Alice In Chains influence, but there is nothing borrowed about their sound.
Guitarist and lead voice Jesse Thulin's pained vocal on the opening track, "Building A Wall" puts a dramatic edge to the lyrics and makes the power chord-drenched chorus even more powerful. Bassist Taylor (T-Dogg) McDonald takes the sound off the deep end, and his churning choppy strokes take cuts like "Sink Or Swim" to a very dark place. Guitarist Andrew Gladu compliments Thulin’s singing and playing style perfectly, as the two set the distortion box on high and create a sound that can best be described as a twelve-string buzz saw, while drummer John Gladu adds a bit of spice and color to the sound with well-placed fills and jungle tom beats.
If these guys can pack this much intensity into an EP, one can only imagine what soundbender could do with a full length. Do yourself a favor and go to and turn yourself on to this band.

-Dan Brown
- Good Times Magazine


-2002 EP, "High Downing" includes the tracks Boredom, Disbelief, Seven, Mind, Sick love song, Wasting time, and Unable.
Nearly all tracks from this CD have recieved radio play at one time or another however the tracks Boredom and Unable stand out as the two most widely played choices.

-2004 EP, Self titled, includes the tracks Building a Wall, Sink or Swim, Boredom, and Mind. The band wanted to re-record it's favorite two tracks from the first CD with proper production as well as release some of it's new material.
The track "Building a Wall" is the current radio single.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Soundbender is the result of dedication, lots of caffeine, and pure undying desire to make rock music. Born in the winter of 2000, soundbender is a musical force to be reckoned with.
Drawing on many influences both old and new soundbender is anything but generic. Their high energy stage show and strong melodic hooks set them apart and are sure to win over any audence.
In the year 2002 they released their first 7 song EP entitled "High Downing". The following two years brought lots of shows and radio exposure on various rock stations throughout the state of Maine. This helped to establish an ever growing fan base, and also encouraged the band to grow and write lots of new material.
The band has just released it's second EP, a 4 song self titled CD which was recorded at Sanctum sound in Boston, MA and produced by Mark Zuppe. The new disk is being well recieved by fans and peers alike and is already in rotation at several radio stations.
For soundbender the future is looking bright, they plan to tour like crazy and establish themselves on the national scale.