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El Cajon, California, United States | SELF

El Cajon, California, United States | SELF
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"SoundBored: the Queen Bee"

by Antonio Maristela

I’m not at all a fan of the whole Swag scene. Frankly, I find it bizarre the exponential growth rate of the term in the course of five years with all the felonious tight jeaned Jerkin’ culture from its very conception. But the term is an evolution of rapper credo and braggadocio, and whether it means if you’re really Ballin’ or poking fun of the psuedo-baller’s life, I’m for it being used shamelessly. Much like this roaming band of tom foolery known as SoundBored (“no space”, says John).

When you meet this crew, there’s a motley of youthful angst flowing through this testosteronal madness. A lot of elements to their music is actual shock value of their presence. But such is the case of being young, dumb and full of unmentionables.

They do have alot going for them. They are young. They have two emcees. They are a live band. So they do possess the right elements of creating medley. There is much to work on in their music delivery, but their stage command is awesome to say the least. Plus they travel deep with a bevy of female counterparts, albeit their groupie fan base.

Lead Singer- Kahlil Taylor
Screamer/Hypeman – Jordan Lancaster
Bassist – Aaron Ramirez
Lead Guitar – Michael Ford
Rhythms Guitar/ Vocals – Sage Grady
Drummer – John David Glaude

They are young and courageous. And for that I’ll give them their Swag. Nice Work Gents. - Star In The Sky Photography


Evil City ep-



Soundbored (often abbreviated as SOBO) is an American rapcore band of five young adults that formed in El Cajon, California in 2010. Soundbored's debut ep, "Evil City", was released on April 19th of 2012. The band of young men (with their oldest member only 19) has become most known for their fast-paced and often rowdy stage performances.