Sound Bros

Sound Bros


Electronic Music for your hear and for your soul.. Minimal Groovy beats, live performing, and electronic drums on it.. what do you want more?


Started in the beginning of the millenium to produce music, Luca & Dario decide to create an eclettic project called Sound Bros to express his feelings. They start to play house&electro sets in clubs to promote his productions. At age of 20, they release his first single "Shock", that performed in some radios airplay, and they have a good success. After that, many collaborations keep out, and at the moment, they are the youngest active producers in Italy, with many productions in them background, and a very important collaboration with Alex Neri (PLANET FUNK) label, Tenax Recordings. Check it out!


SBP - Shock (clubbin')
A.D. Alex - Wanna make it (Plan Records)
Why Not - One Race (Python Records)
Sound Bros - SuperVicky (Acid Milk Recordings)
Sound Bros - Sub Zero/Love Shop (Acid Milk Recordings)
Sound Bros - Freak/Block (Blufin Records)
Sound Bros - Hera (The cage/Tenax Recordings)

Set List

2 from 4 hours live sets, for clubs, parties, and festivals.