Soundbyte Society

Soundbyte Society


Emotive modern rock with intense lyrics, dynamic riffs, and heart felt melodies.


We are Soundbyte Society.

We are the clips, bits, and slices of media that permeate our culture;
the Lies, truths, and gray space that fill the voids between people;
the meaningless and meaningful jibber jabber that joins our culture.

We are Soundbyte Society.

Pieced together in early 2007 Soundbyte Society combines the
creativity of four distinct elements into a single medium. Matt
Hurt(Drums) draws his inspiration from metal and a furious double kick
background; Travis Ziegler(Guitar) pulls from a wide range of
influences including Jazz, Rock, Pop, and various other genres; Brent
Gerlach's(Vox) background is with cutting edge modern rock; and Adam
Perkins(bass) from classical with some punk and alternative mixed in.
All these different voices are as diverse as the society we live in.

With the release of their new demo, in June of `07 Soundbyte Society
is starting to hit the Local Madison scene hard with shows, events,
promotions, and anything else they can do to be heard.

Brent Gerlach (Vox) Poetry flows from his lips as Gerlach sings a montage of life experiences describing the people, places, and memories that touch him. Involved in music his entire life, Brent Gerlach writes for relief and as a testament that he is living and loving every day. His strong vocals and stage presence creates an energy that washes over everyone in the audience.

Travis Ziegler (Guitar) “Music, to all who use it, understand you don’t choose it. It chooses you.” Ziegler was chosen for music and follows that passion with every day of his life. His strong lead guitarist skills are an asset to the band whether he’s in harmony with the other instruments or performing a guitar solo. “Influence and inspiration come true, through an energy that is recycled and given anew.”

Adam Perkins (Bass) With a strong music background ranging from tuba, piano, and five years of bass playing, Perkins draws his influences from Rancid, eve 6, and a variety of punk, modern, and classic rock groups. Preferring the less is more approach to writing bass lines; Perkins brings cohesion and balance to the rhythm of Soundbyte Society with his 5 string bass.

Matt Hurt (Drums) Drumming since 2000, Hurt has developed a style that has evolved into a driving wall of noise. That “noise”, however, provides the melodic rhythm that creates the back beat that brings the four distinct talents of SBS together. His influences include Foo Fighters, Refused, and Deftones. Sticks in hand, Hurt creates a driving wall of music wherever he goes.


Demo - Available online!

We're currently in the process of professionally recording our EP.

Set List


1. Anything At All
2. Surreal
3. 2 1
4. People
5. Table Scraps
6. Missing Me
7. I Do
8. Count Me In
9. Contract
10. Someone Should Talk
11. Beautiful But Burning

Covers (Rotated In Set)

1. Machine Head (Bush)
2. Everlong (Foo Fighters)
3. Drive (Incubus)
4. Message In a Bottle (The Police)