Sound Council

Sound Council

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Sound Council! Hiphop music with unlimited range that can captivate all people who appreciate good music. This is fun hiphop music with engaging lyrical content, which is exactly what people are yearning to here! Have us perform live and bring peace, positivity and good time to you!


Sound Council makes music primarily to be heard; to share the gift of music. We enjoy entertaining people through humor, making people want to party, and getting people hype but also like to make people think and ask questions. We simply are ourselves through music. And just the same way our moods and attitudes change as people, our music does too. We welcome and enjoy any bonuses that being a recording artist may bring, but we do it for the love. Either way, it’s only right that our purpose is to make music that we enjoy making and listening to with hopes that you can enjoy it to, rather than catering our sound to anyone other than ourselves. That dedication to being ourselves is the driving force Sound Council.


-S.T.L. - Alright Already!!!
-DeFakto - Exactly Write

-New DeFakto & S.T.L. LP in the works

Set List

Our sets vary as far as length of time and the song sets are constantly changing combinations between solo and collab songs featuring DeFakto and S.T.L. with engaging crowd participation. We always have something up our sleeve that is a unique way to excite crowds.

Fan-favorite songs for performances include...
-Boy Meets Girl
-Something To Say
-Almost There
-Clap Yo Hands
-Feel Good Music
-and many more...