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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"TAXI feedback: "Something To Say""

On song title: appropriate choice
Style: Hiphop w/ R&B flavor
-good music in verses
-good music in choruses
-memorable hook

Great job on the hook; melody is strong & singable. Very nice vocals there.

-good sectional contrast

Fine on structure; verse/chorus format.

-rhymes well
-communicates emotion to listener
-vocal does help to sell song

Bravo! Good lyrics & rhymes containing important messages as well as conveying the feelings for the girl. Nice job on the flow & vocal performance.

Great job, LaDel!
This track has a great deal of appeal. In addition to having music that’s well put together, you step up with lyrical content that’s a refreshing change from the typical fare that’s in the marketplace. You have a great beat underneath; percussion elements compliment nicely. The bass drives the cool groove & the keys support well. Lyrically, you express your feelings for the girl while at the same time relaying important general messages. You might be speaking to 1 particular girl, but it’s well worth hearing by all the young ladies. It’s respectful & intelligent, delivered with a youthful yet mature, genuine, supportive & sensitive tone. To cap it off, you have a strong hook to drive home the point. The sung vocals really move the chorus and makes it quite catchy and singable; nice tone & sound to the voice also. All around, well done! I wish you all the best with the project. Good luck!

Overall rating
Music 9/10
Lyrics 9/10
Marketability 9/10
Arrangement 9/10
Production 9/10
Engineering 9/10
__________________ - TAXI

" on S.T.L. - Alright Already"

There's a lot about Stress to recommend on the whole. He doesn't seem like the kind of artist who will ever blow up on a mainstream level, simply because his style won't fit into any of the convenient categories MTV and Fuse pigeonhole hip-hop artists into. Nevertheless listening to weird tracks like "Good Ol' Boy" you can't helped but be charmed by the lines he spits: "I ain't cut from the same cloth as y'all dudes/I'm new shit y'all niggaz old like Michael Jackson's _Off the Wall_ grooves." Stress seems unconcerned with whether or not he'll reach a Jay-Z level though, and it's precisely because of that attitude that he succeeds on "Alright Already!!!" Give S.T.L. a chance and you may find yourself in the same position as Tom Doggett and Flash - it's not easy to tell people what's great about him, but you'll be hooked once you listen.

Music Vibes: 7 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 7.5 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7 of 10
Steve "Flash" Juon - (Feb 10, 2006) -


-S.T.L. - Alright Already!!!
-DeFakto - Exactly Write

-New DeFakto & S.T.L. LP in the works


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sound Council makes music primarily to be heard; to share the gift of music. We enjoy entertaining people through humor, making people want to party, and getting people hype but also like to make people think and ask questions. We simply are ourselves through music. And just the same way our moods and attitudes change as people, our music does too. We welcome and enjoy any bonuses that being a recording artist may bring, but we do it for the love. Either way, it’s only right that our purpose is to make music that we enjoy making and listening to with hopes that you can enjoy it to, rather than catering our sound to anyone other than ourselves. That dedication to being ourselves is the driving force Sound Council.