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"Have you ever heard some new music and thought to you, “Wow, this is a nice change from the other stuff currently available?”"

Have you ever heard some new music and thought to you, “Wow, this is a nice change from the other stuff currently available?” I have when I had the pleasure to be introduced to Drea, who blends a nice mixture of Soul, R&B, and Electroacoustic to a smooth melodic music that will please music lovers alike. Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Drea who was kind enough to answer our questions.

Isaac-Joseph: I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with our magazine. I want to start off by saying that you are extremely beautiful with an amazing soulful voice. Give our audience a little background info on you"

Drea: Thank you Juniors Cave Online for the opportunity. I am a producer, singer-songwriter originally from Alabama, currently residing in New York. I have been producing and composing music for about 10 years.

Isaac-Joseph: I read in your bio that you have stated music is in your veins. At what age did you begin to realize that you wanted to pursue music as a career? How do you think you are prepared for the music industry?

Drea: I knew at around the age of 14 from accompanying my Dad at different churches. It prepared me for songwriting and production. As a musician, I'm able to understand and write out what I'm trying to say as an artist musically.

Isaac-Joseph: Now in 2004 you wanted to diversify your style. You decided to hook up with a rock band. Describe how this experience with this band helped you in your own style of music: What were some key elements that you gained from this experience?

Drea: It has helped me in the way I approach songwriting. It also has helped me in working with and communicating with other musicians as a director. It has allowed me to expand my sound and recognize the parts that certain musical instruments play in creating a piece.

Isaac-Joseph: You grew up in the church singing. Do you think that your experience there also helped you? If so, what role did your spiritual upbringing added to your style?

Drea: That experience has certainly helped me. It is part of my foundation and signature. I'm able to play in situations where it is more about "feel" and less about note. So that experience is invaluable.

Isaac-Joseph: The Internet has played such an integral role in helping many Indie and new entertainers/artists like you get their music across to the masses. What aspect of the Internet have you enjoyed that you feel has helped to get your music to a boarder fan base?

Drea: I think the marketing aspect of the Internet has helped me as an Independent artist. Because of the downsizing of major labels now, Independent artist have been provided a wider market for their music. Now the little guy can maintain a market in this industry.

Isaac-Joseph: You have started a new Indie label as of the summer of 2007. What have been some rewards and some challenges with getting this new label up and running?

Drea: Some of the rewards have been being able to own and command how your art is marketed to the public. As a CEO and artist, you are more hands on with your art, your image, and your business. Some of the challenges however of this is dividing the time and knowing that just as you never compromise your art, you never compromise your business either. These are two separate entities; however, when you're small, this part is very important.

Isaac-Joseph: What advice do you have for younger boys and girls looking to get into the music industry?

Drea: Love God, be true to yourself, and love what you do. Get around people that have the same passion and drive that you do. Learn, Learn, Learn. Never stop becoming a student. Everything else will follow. Get a good accountant, manager and attorney and build solid relationships!

Isaac-Joseph: What can we expect from Drea in the next five years?

Drea: I am currently producing a female artist on my label SoundDoc Entertainment as well as working on my debut L.P. entitled "Love Affair" scheduled for release Feb. 14, 2008.

Isaac-Joseph: This is our Shout Out time: Give props to anyone and everyone that has helped you to get where you are at so far:

Drea: I love and thank my family and all my fans! I love you dearly! Thank You Isaac and Junior Cave Magazine!

Isaac-Joseph: Shameless Plug time: Give us a run down of any new releases, special projects, upcoming tour dates, or photo shoots:

Drea: "Love Affair" The E.P. currently available on Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and Napster. Please visit:

"Love Affair the L.P. scheduled release date Feb. 14, 2008. Album release party in Atlanta, New York and L.A. I'll see you there!
- Junior Cave Magazine-Published: December 15, 2007

"Drea in the myne magazine Interview"

Music. It’s in Her Veins: An Interview with Drea
By Susan A. Webley
The MYNE Spotlight, January 2008
With so many artists in the industry and as many genres, it’s
hard not to be pegged as just another face in the crowd, and
without the right combination of business smarts, talent and
faith to fall back on, the chances of standing out are even
slimmer. Thank God Drea doesn’t have that problem.
Described as the “Sybil of musical creativity,” the Alabama
native eats, sleeps and breathes music, having begun
performing with her father at the tender age of 14 years old.
Now a mature singer, songwriter and producer, Drea
performs both as a solo artist and as one half of the group
Café Con Leche. In 2007 she added business owner to her
resume with the creation of SoundDoc Entertainment, an
independent label that she hopes will help other artists
achieve the success she has been blessed with. It’s clear to
The MYNE that Drea is determined to make her mark on
the world stick. Here’s our interview:
In reading your bio, I sense immediately that you and
your dad are close. What was it like performing with him?
It was a great experience for me. I never really knew how talented my Dad was until I actually
started accompanying him at different churches. I gained so much knowledge from him. And he
would always tell me the truth. I felt like in a sense he was passing his torch to me. Now since
I'm older, I'm giving him pointers
He must be proud! Has your family always been supportive of you in your career?
Yes. My mom would take me to piano lessons and my Dad would take me to all the different
churches with him. I would even sometimes get out of chores because I was practicing. They
could see it was my gift.
Seeing that you basically developed your talent in the church, was it challenging to cross
over from that into the mainstream?
Yes and no. Yes from the standpoint that my spiritual background was deeply rooted in the
South's Bible belt. There's basically one culture there, either you're in the church or you're in the
world. However, the music itself is the same only the message is different. For me, I love God;
however, there are also other experiences that I can share in my music.
What is the message that you are hoping to bring to your listeners?
The message I'm hoping to share with listeners is to be true to who you are. Then know that the
"Love Affair" needs to start with one's self first before you can start to experience the various
dimensions of love with others.
Powerful message Drea! We all need to take heed to that!
I know this from experience because I couldn't start to share my creations until I fell in love with
Can you share that process with us?
I think for me, being able to understand who I was and not what others wanted me to be. That
was the most difficult thing that I had to do. I had to have a closer relationship with God by
studying and not only studying but understanding what my purpose on Earth was for. Once I got
in context, living my life fell into place. I also started to expose myself to different things and I
was then able to experience new things with fresh eyes.
Referring back to your bio, there are a number of
artists that your style has been likened to. How
would YOU describe your brand of music?
I would call it "heart" music. It simply came from my
experiences and emotions from those experiences.
Some people may call it Soul; however it has
elements of pop, acoustic and jazz.
Tell me a little about SoundDoc Entertainment.
Why did you create it?
I created SoundDoc Entertainment because I have a
passion for Independent music, as I knew the music
industry was evolving. Also, I knew that I could have
the creative control over my project that I needed in
order to get my message across and not someone
else's. It's also a venue for the development of other
artists offering production and management.
Moving forward into your more current projects, how did you come about working with
Meak Productions?
Meak Productions was soliciting artists for its fall campaign and I applied. They were able to
work with me based on me already being packaged. They then developed a promotional
campaign, kicking off as their November talent of the month. From this, the next promotional
activity was the development of remixes for my first single "Cold" along with me being invited
to have my CD release party in Atlanta as part of their 3 day Lover's Ball event.
Looks like the relationship is extremely beneficial for both of you! Now working with
Meak, can I safely assume that you are an "out" artist? If so, do you feel this fact has
enhanced your career in any way?
Yes. I am an "out" artist. I'm not sure if it has or will enhance my career however. I only hope
that anyone can relate to and enjoy my music.
What's next on the horizon for Drea?
Promoting the release of the CD with tour dates to be announced, producing another artist on my
label and branching out of SoundDoc to offer all aspects of entertainment.
Last question! If the Drea of today could speak to the Drea of 10 years ago, what would you
tell her?
I love that question! I would tell her to continue to dream and develop the plan to execute,
because when you dream, then execute, it becomes a reality!
Thank you so much!
You're welcome and thank you for having me!
For more information on Drea, visit her on MySpace at or
3 - Sam A. Webley

"Radio Indy Review of "Love Affair""

"Love Affair' by Drea is an excellent R&B album with eclectic influences and a soulful vibe. Drea’s voice is very seasoned and mature. She's got a great "Old Soul" quality. She has been around music all of her life and it shows. The sound is made up of subtle hints of jazz and house fused with traditional R&B. There are rich harmonies throughout the tracks of this CD. Quality-wise the album sounds great and is well produced and filled with innovative rhythms and sounds. Highlights include "Get your Shh," with a wicked house bass, cool ambient accents and nice vocal layering. "Secrets" slows things down a bit and features some nice jazz guitar work. "Alone" has a deep beat with nice accent variations and a nice vocal performance. If you enjoy finding up-and-coming R&B artists, check out this CD.

- William

"Adam's World Featured Artist"

Everyone once in a while it’s good to calm down and chill out with some jazzier fare. This is where an artist like Drea comes in. Drea came to my attention through the folks at Blowout Lounge (you might remember Blowout Lounge’s Renee Sebastian from last week’s Artist Of The Week feature). Originally from Alabama, Drea grew up singing in the church. Her career took a turn, however, in 2004 when she moved to Long Island and joined a rock band. It was at this point that she decided to finally learn some music theory and went up to Massachusetts to the Boston University School of Music to study for her doctorate in Music Education. With a head full of knowledge and a life full of influences she went into the studio to record her debut album, Love Affair, which was released in early 2008. This week I sat down with Drea to find out more about her work both in front of the mic and behind the boards, why fitting in is of no concern to her, and what she feels she’s gained as an artist from her experiences with higher education.

Adam Bernard: When did you know music was going to be your path in life?
Drea: The minute I began accompanying my first artist, my dad, to different churches I knew music would be a big part of my life. I was recognized as the girl that played piano. My dad and I would go all over the place and I began playing for other people if they needed a musician. Once I entered college I would produce some local R&B and Hip-Hop artists and then I joined a rock band when I moved to Long Island in 2004. In everything that I aspired to do music would be the one thing that people would connect me to.

Adam Bernard: From what I've read you've worked with some impressive names, including some Grammy nominated Gospel songwriters. What have you taken away from each of those experiences?
Drea: I think the one thing I've learned from those experiences is to never stop learning. When working with artists that are experienced and good at what they do you can learn so much. No matter how good you may think you are there's always room for improvement and growth. Work on your gift by learning as much as you can about it.

Adam Bernard: When it comes to your own sound, how would you describe it and how did you develop it?
Drea: I like to call my sound Soul Cinematic because my music is like going through the experience of watching a movie with the different emotions it ignites. It has elements of smooth jazz and gospel at the surface of it. This came from my time playing in churches. I also was majorly influenced by a teacher who encouraged my creativity. She was a jazz musician and she was classically trained, as well. She would allow me to create songs and improvise. There are also elements of Hip-Hop and Rock in my music from my experiences producing Hip-Hop artists and playing in a rock band. At the core of the music is what I was feeling at the time of creating it. I try to approach my music from the emotion it inspires, whether it be writing about a break-up, heartache, or finding someone new, its raw emotion.

Adam Bernard: When I listen to your music I get the feeling you have a lot of old school influences. Whose music gets you excited and why?
Drea: That's a hard one because there is so much music that I am exposed to now that I love to listen to. I love everything from Brazilian Jazz to Hip-Hop. Stevie Wonder is an old school artist that I love. He's been around for a long time and his music is timeless and priceless. What he did for music is amazing. He has a gift of uniting people and bringing people joy. I also like old school artists like Elton John, The Jacksons, Prince and Teddy Riley. Eric Benet gets me excited because he's so sensual and smooth. I also love Janet because she's hot and she's known for giving spectacular shows.

Adam Bernard: Where do you feel you fit in when it comes to today’s musical landscape, and is fitting in even of any importance to you?
Drea: I think I fit in with the independent artists who are not trying to fit in. I think true artists are not aspiring to fit in, but aspire to be true to their intent and the message they’re trying to convey. These are artists, in my opinion, that are the most fulfilled because there is a certain conviction and passion to being true. There was a time where this was not as visible because of the industry, but the industry has changed so much it hardly even exists now. There is a new emergence of independent talent and music out there that's finally being discovered. So as an artist, I do not feel it is important in trying to fit in because the whole purpose of artistry is to create.

Adam Bernard: Finally, I know you have a number of degrees from institutes of higher learning; how do you feel those degress have aided you as a musician?
Drea: I think they've taught me about discipline and opportunity. Education opens the door to limitless opportunities. It takes a lot of discipline and focus. Without education, and I've seen this so many times, people remain stuck, but once you're focused and you constantly educate yourself, whether it be real world or school, you can qualify yourself for the multiple endless opportunities. Opportunity is limitless. - Adam Bernard


Love Affair L.P. -2/14/2008 Availible at CD Baby, iTunes, Rahapsody, Napster, Amazon, A&R Select

Cold- Special Remix Single- Meak Productions 1/4/07

Love Affair the E.P.- 11/1/2007 Availible & Streaming on: iTunes, Rahapsody, Napster, and Amazon



This Sybil of musical creativity, known as Drea, is one of the hottest up and coming singer, songwriter, producers on the east coast. While her years on this earth are few, the directions in which her life has traveled are many aiding in her ability to possess her varying musical personalities.

“My life today is much different than I envisioned it to be while living home in Troy (AL). After becoming a music director at a church, I would have thought that would have been it. I wanted more, and I thought my relocation to Fayetteville (NC) and playing at a mega church would have satisfied what I was longing to accomplish, but I then moved to NY and God has continued to bless me in all that I do by expanding my exposure to life and music."

Music has always been the driving force for this young musician; from the age of 14 Drea has been accompanying her first artist, her dad in her home state of Alabama. The church prepared her in her gift of songwriting, performing, and production as she has worked with countless choirs, groups, and independent gospel artists. While her dad, Artis Baxter remains to be her favorite singer to work with, Drea has played for Grammy nominated gospel songwriter Becky White, Dorothy Norwood, Kennedy Atkinson former MD of Arrested Development, and many others. While the lyrics may be different from what you hear today, Drea brings along her gospel jazz chords which will always be her signature.

Looking to diversify her style Drea began playing with a rock band after arriving to Long Island, NY in 2004. She then took things a step further and continued her education for the first time formally studying music, at the prestigious Boston University School of Music to achieve her Doctorate in Music Education.

“I had never formerly studied music that is theory so it was a gamble applying to BU (Boston University) with a B.S. in Marketing from UA (University of Alabama), and a Masters of Education from AIU (American Intercontinental University). Here was this young student with no formal studies in the mix with music professors from around the world. That is what I call blessed!”

Her style has been likened to that of the multitude of artists that have influenced her throughout her career; Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliot, and Sergio Mendez just to name a few. No matter what the project is, all of Drea’s productions have been described as being, “what true music sounds like and you getting a heavy dose of it” Austin Jeter, Urban Mainstream Magazine

Drea was given the Gold Artist Award for Radio Indy, as well as "Love Affair" was selected as a top pick album and featured artist in the #1 Soul magazine on the web, Soultracks. Balancing the many projects Drea is involved in, her solo career with her debut CD release “Love Affair”, and the creation of her independent label SoundDoc Entertainment, continues to give this artist/producer the inspiration and drive to make her mark on music history.