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Explosive!! High Energy Show!!! We've got pop rock songs that move people and a fresh feel. Deep instrumentation and soaring melody lines - meaningful and memoreable lyrics - hooks that haunt you. Solid rock-n-roll.


If you could take the screeching organ of classic rock, the percussive bass lines of funk, the rhythmic complexities of world music and mix them with captivating guitar lines, soaring vocal lines and meaningful lyrics, you would have the rock band soundframe.
The band’s current project involves a full-length debut CD featuring music recorded in the early stages of the band up to and including the most current collaborations. They play regularly in the Chicagoland area and have frequented such clubs as the Beat Kitchen, the Elbo Room, the Subterranean and Hoghead McDunnah’s. They have been heard recently in a half-hour long interview that aired on WLS, ESPN Radio, 94.7 the Zone and Radio Disney.

It isn’t the instrumentation of soundframe that makes them unique but in the way they use their eclectic musical backgrounds to fashion their sound. All of the musicians have had advanced formal training, and they know their instruments. Each member’s musical background is colorful and stems from a different source. This band has taken many rich elements from several genres of music and formed them into a style of rock that is informed and ambitious. At any given show, you may be able to pick out Classical, Jazz or Metal elements while still getting a line or lyric stuck in your head.

This five-man band was born on November 9, 2002 in Chicago, IL. John Moser, Brian and Thomas had had some experience playing with each other before, but the three by themselves were lacking a missing piece. That piece was found in Thomas’ brother John. As one member described their first session, “Playing together seemed so natural. It was as if our energy was feeding off of each other. We loved our sound and felt like we needed to share it.” A couple years later the roster was made complete with the addition of Greg Hirte on violin.

The band likes to think of their musical output as a truly collaborative effort. No single person’s opinion is greater than another’s. Their influences- Jeff Buckley, Jaco Pastorius, the Beatles, Pink Floyd- have left a mark on soundframe’s collaborations, but touches of Frank Sinatra, George Crumb and the Cure have managed to sneak in. The band’s awareness of what has come before them has helped them forge an intelligent sound that is easily appreciated yet devoid of fluff.

Any sturdy building requires a strong foundation and a sound frame on which to hang its walls. This band has a solid musical foundation and five imposing pillars. Anyone who hears a recording or experiences a live show from this quintet will quickly notice that their frame is evolving into a mansion.


The soundframe debut LP is "Tic." "Tic" features 11 original songs and was released in 05 on Union Hall Records and has enjoyed brisk sales. Soon to be included on the bands second full length LP are the newest singles "Dreamland" and "Angel On My Shoulder."

Set List

We typically play a 50 minute all original set with the exception of a very funky version of The Beatle's "Come Together." Our set list includes the original compositions She Is Crying, Voice Down Low, Passion, Gypsy Soul, New Reality, Dreamland, and Angel on My Shoulder.