Sound Fx

Sound Fx

 Riverside, California, USA
BandHip Hop

Something new. Something different. A little refreshing, with a hint of old school. And you get Sound Fx. Golden Dreams.


Sound Fx, is an up and coming hip-hop duo from Los Angeles CA, that is made up of two-twenty-year old members - Maddy McFly and Dupree. Sound Fx makes music that not only tells our story, but also tells the stories of millions of young adults facing the same trials and tribulations as we are. We speak for the voiceless - the people that are unable to live the full "American Dream" due to their socio-economic status. We are able to convey our message so thoroughly because we too know how it feels to fight the battle between doing what you "love" versus doing what "society expects of you." We share our insecurities, joy, pain, pleasure, hate, and love in our music. Our biographies will grow over time as we grow as artist and musicians, but for now we are dreamers, lovers, sinners, and believers. If you want to know more about Sound Fx, listen to our music. Our discography currently includes our ‘Still Dreaming’ EP, as well as our ‘Forever & A Day’ EP. In September we will be adding the re-release of ‘Still Dreaming’ as an LP to that list.


"Still Dreaming" (EP) - April 25th, 2011

"Forever & A Day" (EP) - July 7th, 2011

"Still Dreaming" (LP) - August 31st, 2011