Sounding Rick

Sounding Rick

 Navarre, Florida, USA

Sounding Rick promises quirky, fun, upbeat music that combines rock, pop & funk. Flying under the radar, his new CD "Live in Japan" has been gaining worldwide attention. Rick has worked with Kasim Sulton (Meat Loaf, Todd Rundgren), George Clinton, Molleye Hatchett, Nazareth and more!


Sounding Rick is one of the most interesting acts in music today. From his upbeat music to his high energy live show, it is easy to see why he is getting so much attention, worldwide!

The band is built around Rick Reynolds' wide catalog of original songs as well as a high energy and fun live show.

Rick began playing in bars in Tampa at age 15 and quickly gained a reputation for being a guitar prodigy.

During the 80's and 90's Rick released numerous record with his bands Portable People, Mistaken Identity, The Doghouse Swing and Long Neck Jimmy. Many of these records received college and commercial airplay throughout the United States.

In 1990 Rick moved to Pittsburgh and formed the trio The Doghouse Swing. With this band Rick recorded and produced over 60 songs.

It was at this time that Rick developed a concept for a television show called the Doghouse Swing, which was a weekly sitcom based on the band. The real key behind the show was that it gave him a chance to feature three or four new songs on each episode (i.e. The Monkeys).

Rick wrote, filmed, edited and acted in each show as well as using local actors.

In 1995 Rick relocated to the Fort Walton Beach, Florida area where he started a band called Long Neck Jimmy (named after his 76 Stratocaster) and another called Lucky Henry. As power-trios, the bands quickly earned the reputation for being the band to see, as they would play anything from a hard-driving rock song with a 16 bar break of the Flintstones theme in the middle to a knockout blues - funk version of Chim Chim Cherie from Mary Poppins.

In addition to his loyal fans who could always be found at the shows, many local musicians would attend the shows after their own performances just to hear and see what crazy thing Rick and his guys were playing.

At one such show George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic fame wondered in and asked if he could sit in. George stayed for the entire set and a friendship was born.

The following week Rick received a call from George's road manager asking if Rick's band would like to become the P-Funk All-stars and do a series of shows in that capacity. These performances were exciting, standing-room-only shows.

During this period Rick also opened a large commercial recording facility called Global Records where he produced many records for other artists.

Rick 's band also worked with the classic groups Molleye Hatchet & Nazareth.

In 2003, Rick began a dialog with Kasim Sulton (bassist for Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Hall & Oates, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Patty Smith, Celine Dion, etc.) to see if he would be interested in producing and playing on Rick's new record called "Sounding Rick Unstoppable".

In August of 2004 production began on the 14 song release. After Hurricane Ivan and tour commitments, the record was released in August 05.

In March 2006 Rick released "Evidence" a 32 song two-cd set.

In 2007 Rick release "Live in Japan" culmintaed from sold out shows during the 2006 world tour.

In 2008 Rick released a solo acoustic album entitled "Living in the Acoustic Projects".

In 2008 and 2009 Rick began workoing with legendary soul singer Gwen McCrae on his next album "Blabbermouth" which was released in late 2009.

In 2011 Rick released his smash seventh album in just five years "Dinosaur Bones" to rave critical review.


Turn You On

Written By: Reynolds, Morgan, Roth

Turn You On

Day after lonely day
I stare out at the street
I wonder where you are
And will you notice me

I know the story’s written ending in ecstacy
I know that you are out there looking for me
Everybody has got a lover that’s with them all the time
And I know when I find you I will make you mine

Cant spend another night
Lonely hurt and crying for your light

I want to turn you on turn you on turn you inside out and round and round

They say that love is blind
But I’ve been trying to see
Can you hear my voice
Can you feel me

I’m tired of being lonely Im tired of my own words
How long have I been calling but you never heard
I know you’re reaching for me
My heart tells me you’re near
And I wont stop this searching till I have you here

Cant stand another night
Lonely hurt and crying for your light

I want to turn you on turn you on turn you inside out and round and round

Left Your Mark

Written By: Reynolds, Morgan, Roth

Left Your Mark

Yesterday I was walking down the street
Sidewalks cryin to me telling me it’s the heat
Cloudy skies then it started to rain
Sidewalks don’t complain you’ll get used to the pain

Every step that I take reminds me of how you walked on me
That’s OK I can walk all day long now because Im free
You left your mark on my soul now I have to go

Turn around walking back the other way
Sun came out the clouds went away
Sidewalks started to say
Hey man see you’re on your own today
Nothin but the sunny day to make the pain go away

From here Ill go and I will never cry
Cause I know I tried
Sidewalks my friend and they wont let me down
Give me this whole town
You left your mark on my soul now I have to go

Oh No!

Written By: Reynolds

Here I go again acting like a tool
For standin' in the hall and screamin' out loud
I'm staying after school

Everyone can see
How you lead me round
A kerosene kangaroo in Cadallac
And All I got is shakey ground

You dropped your cannonball
Then you walk away
I dont know where to go
I dont know what to say
It's hot and cold pretending
Alkways stop and

Oh No

Well Ive tried and Ive tried
To get you off the phone for years
And you spin control takes a toll on me
Your momma said you better mend your ways
Like barracudas in Bombay with their bare bones we've seen better days

I gotta let it go it will be OK
Thee water's rising fast and I get swept away
You're moving way too fast my words come out too slow for pros

Oh No!


"Passion Beat" b/w "It's For You" 1983

"Never Let You Go" - Midnight Sweatout" - two cuts Pittsburgh Soundtrack EP 1984

"Ride The Wave" (14 songs) LP 1985

"Mistaken Identity" (12 songs) LP 1987

"The Doghouse Swing" (eight songs) EP 1992

"Volume de la Solo" (23 songs) CD 1993

"One Ohio Basement" (17 songs) CD 1994

"Long Neck Jimmy" (32 songs) 1996

"Lucky Henry" (16 songs) 1997

Sounding Rick - "Unstoppable" (14 songs ) LP 2005

Sounding Rick -"Evidence" (32 songs) LP 2006

Sounding Rick- "Live in Japan" 2007

Sounding Rick - "Living in the Acoustic Projects" - 2008

Sounding Rick - "Blabbermouth" - 2010

Sounding Rick - "Dinosaur Bones" - 2011

Set List

There is enough original material to do a two-hour live show.

If doing a cover show, the sets are typically 45 minutes.