Sounding The Silence

Sounding The Silence


The best way to describe our music is pop/rock. Our main influences include Relient K, The Lawrence Arms,Anberlin, Alkaline Trio,Blink 182, mewithoutYou, Underoath and Anathallo. Our aim is to have songs that are catchy enough to get stuck in your head, but at the same time have lyrics with meaning


We are honest guys, who are in love with music. It is our passion. We write music about God, life, friends, girls, struggles we are going through, whatever is relevent to us at the time. We want to move people, to see a change in this generation. It is not about music, it is about love and community. We dont care if you like our music(everyone likes different kinds of music, and that is a beautiful thing), we want you to see through us, see our hearts and motives, why we play music...why we love


We released our fisrt e. p. "The Color Me Ep" on March 2nd 2007 and as of April 17 have sold over 800 copies

Our music is on several internet radio stations, and is on standard radio in Ohio

Set List

Can I Have All Your Stuff When Your Parachute Doesnt Open

You'll Never Understand


And It's Autumn...

We Talked About Summer


She Hates The Cold