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Sound in the Hall Records

 Franklin, Massachusetts, USA

The Core of Indie Music I'm Mike Peacock and Welcome to Sound in the Hall !!! We are the first High School student run record company in the U.S. Our vision is to create an outlet that highlights the amazing talent at FHS and throughout the Town of Franklin. Check us out at


Everyday I notice the amazing talent and hard work of students here at FHS. I observe singers, songwriters, musicians, and composers with no means to showcase their ability. I knew something had to be done. With a crazy idea and a lot of followers, Sound in the Hall was formed.
Students will be involved with all aspects of music recording and producing which include developing the talent, recording and mastering the material to a polished product, designing CD labels and inserts, as well as marketing and distributing the CD’s to the public. We will also be submitting the material into song contests, to record companies, radio, pod casting, etc. in hopes of gaining attention outside of Franklin. We have some great singers, songwriters, and musicians to be heard, so you are in for an amazing experience!

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One Family

Written By: Mike Peacock

Verse 1:
In the beginning we just wanted to be
One nation under God with hopes and dreams of liberty
Where one can think and live in their own way
On the belief of free choice we built this great country
And no matter how different we can live side by side
Following desires with hearts full of pride

We should be One Family now
No race no color just Americans proud
Where the stars and strips stand for the rights we’ve endowed
We should be One Family now
So stand up straight and yell it out loud
One Family now
One Family now

Verse 2:
Thanks to our heroes wherever they may be
For keeping us safe, protecting democracy
Here’s to the ones who boldly risked their lives
And to the ones who hold us when we struggle to survive
Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, our wants and our tears
But standing together we will overcome our fears

Our freedom we’ve earned through the last hundred years
To be who we want and to think what we feel
And no one or nothing will ever take that away
This land that I love the great U.S of A.

So stand up straight with pride and yell it out loud
One Family now
One Family now
One Family now

© Mike Peacock 2010


Quatre Filles is a FINALIST by VH1
VH1 Song of the Year Award!!!!

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