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Music is a family business and a way of life for us, where we come from musicians are the biggest and most influential stars with a big role in society. Esentially we make hip hop. Classic based music fused thru reggae resulting in the soundtrack of our lives and generation...u see it


SK (soundkillaz)
Far from the concrete tower blocks of South London, their new inspiration is the airy Stony Hill district above Kingston and a compact studio they've established close to home...
For their whole lives, home has either been Jamaica or London, as children following the family, and now, for musical reasons. Sons of veteran Jamaican singer/songwriter Jack Radics, the brothers are very much a product of their musical background, ranging from the melodic reggae of their father to their roots in London's hip hop scene - which itself has strong roots in the sound of London's Jamaican community.
But it wasn't always music - after all, not everyone directly follows their father - with Matthew trying to make a career in acting, getting as far as appearing on BBC television while Jordan excelled at basketball, representing England at under-16 level.
Soon, later in their teens, music began to take over.
Jordan quickly became a precocious young MC and an integral member of hip hop groups Lotek HiFi (then signed to the groundbreaking Big Dada label) and respected live act Focused Few. Just as his MC'ing talent belied his age, Jordan quickly took to instruments and beat making. Naturally his thoughts soon turned to setting up his own studio.
Meanwhile Matthew had been back in Jamaica working with their father's Sound Faculty label, writing songs, singing back up vocals and recording his own solo release, 'Backyard'. Now with his brother breaking into the London scene and his father in Germany having signed to EMI. The reunited brothers formed a new group, SK, with fellow MC Metropolis in 2003.
Scraping and saving the brothers had by 2005 bought enough equipment to build their own studio and began working with other artistes, establishing a strong underground following on south London pirate radio. That said, they decided once again, and why not, to pack up everything and relocate to Jamaica in 2006.
From their new base they've worked with a range of artists from the Governo Sombra organisation in Portugal to platinum selling singer Gentleman and behind the scenes at different levels of production, stage shows and even music videos with Ras Tingle and TD Films.

Right know it's the SK, SoundKillaz, and their new album 'JA Rydaz', which listening to you'll find a reflection of their background, hip hop tracks with a Jamaican accent... the first of several planned releases on their own label SK Productions



She Just Wants A Man

Written By: B.Bailey , M.Bailey , J.Bailey

Artist: SK feat Jack Radics

verse 1, radics: yes she picks her coffee up and
takes a small sip from her cup
then flashes with her brown eyes
over at the counter
where the rude boys they are talking loud
hiking up thier trousers proud
she dont play like that

chorus, mrx: she just wants a man who can make it real
she just wants a lover yeah i know
she just wants a man who can make her feel
feel like a woman

verse 2, earl j: a we a bus the place u see mi star
soundkillaz so they better know who they are
cos she sayin he dont have to be no superstar
an she dont want no big house and no pretty car
anuh money man she want fi put no loot up
and she dont want no gunman to come an get the somethin shoot up boom
she say none of them nuh mek it yet
but the somthin that we got she haffi go get
because when she put her head phones on
on a sk somethin that straight up
from a radical she a listen that
earl j ya from the girls deh ya we a gi dem that
take off the clothes till is only the slippaz left
she start draw bigger breaths
an we nuh even bus a little sweat
much yet fi finish yet girl
a so she waan feel
need a real lover an a we gi her dat so a fi we dem girl deh

cho: mrx

verse 3, mrx: cos she just, she just wants a man she can love
and she wants a man that she feels she can trust hey
an she wants the ting weh the woman dem love
and she just want a man to make her feel special

radics: now its like a mating call
the way her perfume captures all
and her smile it sets the place on fire like a thunderstorm
then she puts on her headphones
says she wants to be alone
aint no little mr man can move the girl home

cho:mrx + radics


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Set List

the set depends on the allotted performance time and is usually based on any product we are currently promoting. However we also tailor sets of songs specific to the genre of the show or age group of the audience.