Sound Liberation

Sound Liberation

 New York City, New York, USA
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Sound Liberation is an eclectic NY based chamber ensemble/band who's musical philosophy is "ending the segregation of sound vibration”. It performs compositions that encompass a diverse range of musical genres. "The freedom of sounds. . .is truly implemented in a masterful way" - Jazzethic


Sound Liberation, an eclectic chamber ensemble/band, was formed in 1996. The band has gained exposure in the New York city area and has generated a loyal core following playing such notable venues as Joe’s Pub, Wetlands, Knitting Factory, The Blue Note, Downtime, New Music Cafe, Cutting Room,, Le Poisson Rouge and many other performing spaces.

Recently the group performed at the Outreach Festival ‘06 and again in ‘07 in Schwaz, Austria. Also in '07 Sound Liberation performed at The Estonian House and presented Gene Pritsker’s Opera Money at the Players Theatre and Flea Theatre in New York. In May of ‘08 ‘Money’ was performed at the Etna music Festival in Catania, Sicily and Sound Liberation played in Ragusa, Sicily. In July ‘08 they performed at the Blaine jazz Festival in Blaine, Wa. In May of ‘09 Sound Liberation presented 2 nights at the Flea theater, performing Gene Pritsker’s one hour VRE Suite written for the Sound Liberation Quintet and a concert with B3+ of music from their albums on Col-Legno records. In past years the group was part of the Peekaboo Festival of New Music and Theater and has toured Newfoundland, Canada in April of ‘99.

In August of ‘09 the Song No Truth, from the recent album, was featured in the Universal Home Videos motion picture ‘The Wedding Bothers’. In the fall of 2010 ‘Human Condition’ will be featured on PBS’s Road Trip Nation series. The band played a very publicized concert at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge in January ‘10, The New Yorker wrote:
“Pritsker, a rule-breaking composer-guitarist (and rapper) who impresses funk and rock beats onto classical structures, fronts this eclectic jazz-type combo of singers and instrumentalists”

The band has released their 2nd album 'Open Up Your Ears and Get Some' on Col Legno Records ( and had an album release concert at Drom in New York in November ‘08.

In July 2010 Innova Records will release Gene Pritsker’s ‘VRE Suite’ written for the quintet portion of Sound Liberation.

“Barring the obvious exceptions, much of 21st century composition appears to be thinning in significance, but this might be about to change. Gene Pritsker is one of a very spare handful of composers effecting this change, and evidence of this is found in the Varieties of Religious Experiences Suite, a towering instrumental extraction from his opera of the same name.” - Raul d’Gama Rose, All About Jazz

“Sound Liberation are afraid of nothing, mixing rhythm and genre to the point where the listener simply gives up on labels and enjoys the ride!....grab this indie gem now!” -

Two pre release show for the VRE Suite: May 24th at Cornelia Street Cafe, presented by 21st Century Schizoid which will also feature various chamber music of Gene Pritsker and June 25th at DROM with special guest IDO.

Sound Liberation's musical philosophy, developed by band founder Gene Pritsker, is based upon "ending the segregation of sound vibration (i.e. musical Genres)". The group incorporates its philosophy by performing compositions that encompass a diverse range of musical genre, heavily influenced by hip-hop and rock rhythms. This enables one to hear elements from classical music to Jazz to music of various cultures at a Sound Liberation show.


Nerve Crashes

Written By: Gene Pritsker and David Gotay

There's nothing there to help
when I try to Say
What my heart re-ally felt
in the sun all day

now will you hear my confessions
My thoughts and deepest passions
Ignoring my fashions
I Speak but then my nerve crashes

I drank and tried to cry
cry-ing helps me sometimes
your im-age in my mind
fly-ing like them sad rhymes


I think my emphasis
would be properly put
If I would get myself
truly in the right mood
Rap 1 (Genes)


My nerve crashes as I come near you with my passions
you blink with long eye lashes wearing blue sashes singing Johnny cashes hit smashes
my heart crashes as you turn to another mans camera flashes
i picture his head as i bash it
so i run to your direction i dash it
from my throat i blurt out something undistinguished
im no linguist but at this moment i wish i could sing this
what my heart really felt in the sun all day i cant say
but i know im making headway to your hearts entree
as i sit alone and pray to be able to express myself like a protegee
will you hear my confession will you even look in my direction
will you vote for me at the election for im running a hole race for your
as im rhyming over this Mendelssohn section i have a confession
will you answer i do when the minister says do you take...
and looks in your direction
or will I see you walking from the alter me for the next 10 years as

Rap Sense

Written By: Gene “Noizepunk” Pritsker & Dave “Criminal Cello” Gotay

I saw you at the club grooving to my rap sense
looking mighty fly can an MC get a lap dance
I will be your dancer, relax let me do what I do boy


Sound Liberation 2000 - self release
Open Up Your Ears & Get Some 2008 - Col-Legno
'Money' a chamber hip-hop opera (not yet released)
VRE Suite - Innova records 2010
Hear tracks :

We have a new CD out on Col legno records, ( 6th page of what's new) . It can also be previewed on the following sites:,,4711972,00.html

You can also find many videos of us here

VRE Suite available on Innova Records: Get the preview:

Set List

Our sets run are from 45 min to 90min.
For example out concert at Joe's Pub on March 17th was exactly 45 min. and concsisted of these songs
1. Rite - a reconstruction of Igor Stravinskys Rite of Spring, with many solo including a Di.Jl. solo over an ostinato
2. Infinity -Johannes Brahms' melody form his 4th symphony is made into a disco/hip-hop tune. featuring Das Krooner on vocals
3. Zero - an r&b/hip-hop jam featuring Chanda Rule
4. Come To My Window - a Mozart aria from Don Giovanni is played as a ounk tune then turned into free jazz
5. Loan Shark - from Gene Pritskers opera 'Money' a Piazzolla guitar lick is turned into a hard core hip-hop tune
6. Need - a rock song from from Gene Pritskers opera 'Money' featuring Chanda Rule
7. Come on in My Kitchen - A robert Johnson song is samples and turned into a hip-hop tune transforming into a rock jam.