Sound Minds

Sound Minds


Sound Minds Music produces the hottest Christian rap music you'll ever run across. We bring the controversial truth that changes lives laced with fresh, hot tracks and a flavor that is all our own.


We are a group of young people that God has gifted with the abilities and His anointing to produce, write, rap, and sing music to glorify Him and lift up the Name of Jesus. We were once lost in sin but have now experienced complete changes in our lifestyles through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We function under the spiritual leadership and authority of Elder Willie Monnet, Sr., Pastor of our spiritual home, Smoking for Jesus Ministry,(originally birth in New Orleans, La but now located in Kingsland, TX.) There we are fed and nurtured in the pure, unadulterated Word of God from whence is derive the uncut, truth-filled message which we convey in our music.

As we all know, today’s youth love secular Rap, R&B, and Hip Hop music." It is even a struggle for those who are born again to abandon it regardless of its explicit and often Anti-Christ message. The world relates to all through this music that life is all about money, sex, self-fulfillment, and everything else that is contrary to the Word of God. For example, the world says it's okay to have sex with whoever you like…"just use protection." But God says sex without marriage destroys your body,
(I Cor. 6:18). Sound Minds Ministry creates original music that exposes darkness with light and lies with truth, (Isa. 5:20).

God has given us a mandate and equipped us with the gifts, boldness and anointing to go forth and eradicate darkness with the light of His love. And with His light shining from within us, our heart is to share God's gift of eternal life and make known the just recompense for living a life of sin,
(Rom. 6:23). We go forth seriously focused with power and compassion and without compromise, (Jude 22, 23).


The Takeout Order.

Written By: Sound Minds

this is a take out order, a take out order, we bustin at the one's the devil using to slaughter. this is a take out order, a take out order, the one's who influence our son and our daughters. this is take out, a take out order, ya better watch yourself before you get caught up in that water.


Sound Minds Ministry - Volume 2
Sound Minds Ministry- Take Out Order

Set List

Natural High
Walk with Me
What It Takes
Man It's Sumthin
Take Out Order
Can't Hold Me
Big Party

Sets can be as long as 15min. -45 min. depending booking.