Sound of Bagheera

Sound of Bagheera


Sound of Bagheera is a folk/rap/dark-pop band based in Seattle, Washington. Our musicians trade instruments throughout our shows, and you're likely to hear anything from banjo to saxophone during one of our tunes.


Sound of Bagheera formed in the summer of 2009. Kevin Williams and Seth Rasmussen had been writing and performing folk music for two years before meeting pianist Robert Lamirande. The three began playing together, and what emerged was a twisted child of folk and dark jazz (Robert's particular brand). From there, the band picked up guitarist John Feather and Bassist Mark Sassi, and they delved into the realms of gangster rap, indie-rock... and cookie-dough inspired content. Sound of Bagheera plays regular shows in Seattle, and while it’s unsure exactly what they're going to play and how it's going to play it (the band changes up their instruments and style each show), their committed fan-base knows it's sure to be one hell of a good time.


LP - Eclectic Collection
Demo - Sound of Bagheera Demo

Set List

All of our songs are originals. Here is our most recent set list, which ran for about an hour and a half and contained two separate folk and dance sections:

Folk: Snow, What's Left, Southern Migration, Mistreated, Livin' Carefree, Caitlyn's Song.

Dance: Hill and Gully Rider, Cookie Dough, A Minor History Haunted Head, 21, Right Here, Murder in the Newsroom.