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Still entertaining a diverse and growing following, Sound of Mind have just completed their first full-length studio album. The band's sound blends harmony, full power chords, and melodic clean tones with driving rock rhythms. Don’t miss this up-and-coming band’s audio samples.


The group first formed 8 years ago, playing to packed audiences in some of the Toronto's most prestigious bars including The Opera House and the legendary El Mocambo. Although they were gaining momentum and a loyal underground following, the band decided to take a break. The next few years were spent with all four band members successfully acquiring post-secondary degrees ranging in subject from anthropology and law to engineering and fire protection.

After their five-year hiatus, the band returned to writing and performing together and began redefining their sound, finding that while their playing styles had separately matured, the sound still naturally fused together. With new perspectives on society and life, their song writing and music began to take interesting turns. Songwriters Carlos and James began to meld politics and ideas about human nature into their lyrics, while Alex and Mike kept the songs firmly grounded in rock.

The first wave of new songs found their way onto the band’s first full-length studio album, appropriately entitled, "Getting There From Here". The debut album features nine original tracks, blending harmony, full power chords, and melodic clean tones with driving rock rhythms. Listeners have had trouble classifying the band’s sound, noting roots in classic rock, metal, and blues in tracks like Thinking of You, Away, and Reasons’ End, but finding a blend of alternative rock and pop in their songs Come Back, One Last Step, and Just Saying. Fans find the album’s variety refreshing.

“Throw in some controversy with the political commentary in our song [entitled] Shallow Waters, and a touch of ‘acid rock meets Pink Floyd’ in our track Mouth of Madness, and you have our album.”

After being asked if politics belongs in popular music in an interview with TunesUp’s David Miller, Carlos responds, “music and politics will be forever intertwined. Anyone who disagrees should have their heads checked. [Music] has always been a great medium for change. Just ask Bob Dylan.”

Although the band is currently promoting their first CD release, they have already begun work on the anticipated response to their debut album.

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Sound of Mind - Getting There From Here

Set List

The band's set list varies according to their audience. They have played sets from 30 to 90 minutes. Some of the many songs they have recently covered include Johnny B. Goode, an instrumental version of Michael Jackson's Thriller, and Weezer's Island in the Sun.