You Might Think We're Sharks

You Might Think We're Sharks

 Austin, Texas, USA

A folk-pop singer, backed by huge hooks, 3-part harmonies, big guitars and rich intriguing electronic textures. James Taylor with an 808 is a good start. Influenced in equal measure by Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Iron Maiden, and Aphex Twin (no, really).


Sharks formed in 2008 when Mike bought a drum kit on Craigslist and started practicing in his apartment underneath Daniel's in South Austin. They built the band up with Daniel's co-writer Joshua and bassist Jeremy. As the band expanded, Joshua moved on and Mike moved to guitar. Members came and went for a while with only Daniel and Mike as constants, but the 5-piece high-energy guitar pop act they became (with the help of bassist Isaac, keyboardist-singer Deborah, and drummer Other Mike) managed to pack dancing college kids into the Mohawk and families into pizza joints alike.

Isaac and Other Mike departed in 2011. Daniel, Mike and Deb took advantage of Mike's history in experimental electronics to regroup into an harmony-focused electro-pop trio and released 3 EPs.

With Deborah leaving in 2012, Daniel and Mike again rebuilt the lineup into another 5-piece, this time a hybrid of the guitar pop from before, Daniel's folky roots, and Mike's electronics. They re-recruited original bass player Jeremy after his stint in local metalcore heroes Killing in Apathy and Carbide, as well as Julian and Sean (guitar, drums) from classic Austin shoegaze/psych act The Seven Percent Solution.

Now heavily textured, rich in vocal harmonies, and steeped in electronics ranging from dance throbs to ambient scratchings, Daniel's sincere and hook-filled compositions strive for new levels of accessible sonic explorations.


27 Dogwalkers EP
The Race EP

Bankers EP

You Might Think We're Sharks CD

Set List

I One It, You Two It
I Don't Even
The Race
Be My
Wind & Surface
You (The Sound of Cars)
Summer Moon