Sound of Sulfur

Sound of Sulfur


We have a very original sound. Green Day has theirs, Muse has theirs, we have ours. The music is very energetic with a different writing style. Something you could hear on the radio but not the typical radio sound. If you want something upbeat yet has powerful lyrics, it's what you should listen to.


Loren (Nerol) Moore, a musician searching for a dream, creating his own work became dissatisfied with previous bands. Nerol deciding to follow his dream created a band of his own. A local band's drummer + old friend, Rob White, later browsing on Myspace videos in a local cover band discovered, Phil Ward; current guitarist (previous bassist). After playing with numerous guitarists with patience to boost the stage sound, the band made some dramatic changes and came across current bassist, Taylor Grossman. With Phil's knowledge of all the band's guitar chords, Phil switched to guitar. The band has discovered an extremely stable setup, with energetic and firm quality performances.

Now while rising out of today's dead music scene, the band hopes to impress with their original sound, catchy melodies, inspirational lyrics, and evolved music style. Each month bringing more fans each show to such venues as The Max, Curtain Club, House of Blues, Ridglea Theater, Six Flags and more..



Written By: Loren Moore

You and me should look around at,
What we don't see.
Place the thought that what we want,
Should not be rushed to stop,
Our aspirations.

We have the time to waist and live.
Stretch wide and let the fun begin.
It's only soon till that person comes.
Someone who's that one.

Take a good stop,
Let a little breather to slow.
It's not the only way to redeem control.
So many others who can fill your needs and hopes.

Me and you should look around at,
What is true and what we need.
It needs it's time to slip the mind.
It's slow but sure in this life we'll find.

Plant and grow this seed,
With love and trust to be conceived.
It's what we learn and deal.
Paint this certainty to heal...

This is me, I'll look around at,
Where I should be, find what has made me.
Choose and change what is in place,
And kill the fears that tear on my face.
I change my mind and become so blind,
And leave the neck hanging truth behind.


Written By: Loren Moore

Didn't recognize the thought,
To match the signs with what they had all brought.
Through what was seen and what was true,
A new direction in place away from you.

And now I'm dealing what is eating; me and you.
And now I'm dealing what is eating (my pride).

Do you feel at loss to start?
To where, a direction.
Heal what you have lost,
To find a new complexion,
To take me back to a new start.

Give me something new and left to survive on.
Given chances to you, you abused and died on.

I'm not some string you can use to retreat to.
I don't need this even if I still loved you!

Take from me hun,
Away from me hun.

Have you pushed right through,
To where you have no more?
Our roots have quenched the desert,
Leading us to new starts.

[A new start...]


Written By: Loren Moore

You're always running backwards,
Since the day you left my hands.
Your words don't mean a thing,
You have no where else to land.
It's how we always are...

Somethings will never change,
It's proven from me with you.
It's dire to cloud the fears,
When the facts become the truth.
It's how we always are...

It's clear we must dissipate,
And live separate ways,
Where time can erase our,
Endless love sorrow...

I'm always running backwards,
Since the day you left my hands.
It's tough to change the cold,
To this road where I stand.

I'm only at the start,
With so much left than far...

It's sad how much I have waited,
You were inevitable.
(Your words don't mean a thing to me)
You can't change what you cannot break,
I'm calling this all to a stop.
(Your words don't mean a thing to me)

Only time will tell,
Who is left to melt!

When it's clear, when our thoughts have matured,
These times will all just close like a door.
The light will shine and the answers will fly,
And the road will slowly change to a line.

I'm only at the start,
So much left than far...


Sound of Sulfur EP.

Set List

We play our best songs at all times; every time is the first for the audience. The set consists of "Future", "Paranova", "Forever", "Breather", "Partnerism", "Said and Done". Each song brings a different style and energy to the stage with very energetic stage presence.

We are a band that thrives on crowd reaction. Getting the crowd going is key objectivity. Whether bringing a Rock N Roll concert finale or playing calm colors or atmosphere and display to the stage, our goal is to bring both.