Sound On Film

Sound On Film


We're a band. We play music. In reality, we don't think you'll dig our stuff. But your kids? They are going to love us.


Louis Armstrong once said, "All music is folk music; I ain't never heard a horse sing a song."


Pauvre Picasso

Written By: Maxwell Moody

Once I was told that the lights will be shown just to calm us down.
If there are none I will make sure to run too the underground, that is the part I am familiar with.
I've been caught by the breeze though...I've seen the plains move ahead.

They're in the woods close to their neighborhoods so they won't be long.
That is the place where we met with our comrades before we ran into the fire that we all must attend.
there's been talk of a break through.. .I've seen the plains move again.

Tuesday Assembly

Written By: Maxwell Moody

It's...It's nearly morning your hands are gleaming give us their word
but we’re no we're not although it's distracting to have to sit there and watch
well I'm....I'm afraid of Paul’s ghost as much as the next guy but that’s the group I’m apart and we.. we take pride in knowing but that's not the purpose of this mission we're on.

We.. wandered through the daytime to search for the ones that stayed behind with the others.
So we…we just followed the sunlight. It would lead us to greatness as so we were told.
see those. Yes those are the men that our sisters. Fall in love with. and I.. No I'm not with cause I'm quite the opposite and that's the place I'm in.

In the Rotundra

Written By: Maxwell Moody

We were treading very quietly and there’s a congregation that had followed us and we tried all our best to seem grateful.
Looking over to reconcile with this situation that has come to past though despite she’s not appealing at least she’s faithful.

Our dear foes disclaim they called us liars but we don’t hear so well from you. And all seems right to some I’m no saint but your not from the better part friend those latent kinds they asked us how we did.

Consideration that is stronger than. To misinterpret we’d acknowledge them cause they are not so friendly to either of us. And Julia you are much profound and rest assured that we will surely know that we are just the patrons of your theatrics


Eloquent Reginald EP (2008)
-Tuesday Assembly feat. in
-Entire EP played over 88.5 GA State Radio and Penn State Radio