El Paso, Texas, USA

influenced by anything that sounds pretty and new, it's an amalgamation of heavy, soft, catchy, and weird. We're writing the soundtrack to a science fiction story about love and war, and we are not apologizing for not keeping to one genre. come ride shotgun in a time machine made of sexy bubbles.


SoundOnSound is a progressive rock outfit formed in El Paso, TX in 2010. Prog rock is an easy enough genre to throw the band into, but the music reaches greedy fingers into many other genres as well.

When any given person is trying to describe the sound in earnest, he or she will often list myriad groups (Battles, Incubus, Radiohead, Bishop Allen, Pearl Jam, Mars Volta) and not be far off said comparison, seeing as how the band's sound is eclectic and vacillating.

The vocals are waves of echoing coos and shouts of modulated melodies that seem more a blanket than straightforward words put to melody. The guitars play switchypoo from syncopation to synchronization in a hypnotizing combination of riffs and hooks. The drums and percussion bring about heavy grooves that'll grab you by the waist and shake you till your neck snaps. Each song refuses to fall neatly into the genre of the next or previous song, but they're all tied together with a cohesive story and intention.

"Hello. Greetings. Salutations. This is the part where you die."

The prefatory line to SoundOnSound's concept album brings about an explosion caught on audio. The album was partly recorded piece by piece in different locations in El Paso, including Jim Ward's(of At the Drive-In, Sparta, and Sleepercar) studio Clap Of Thunder.

The ominous opening is fitting for a group of songs attempting to convey a science fiction story about war, pleas for co-existence in a time when extra-terrestrial beings have attacked the earth, and about a friend's betrayal during the use of a time machine.

The titles to some of the tracks on their 7 song EP gives one an idea as to the kind of story SoS has developed: Hello, Greetings, Salutations(this is the part where you die.); Bob Dinosaur PHD's Time Machine(things start here); Encephalon(coping with moving back and forth through separate timelines); The Electric Protective(the barrier we've set up has broken. now the devils enter our city); Fat Blood(when jon major turns to dark)

One can expose their ears to the music here:

With two tours through the heart of Texas, one tour through the west coast and southwest, and a copious amount of local shows (including playing the annual El Paso festival called Neon Desert)under their utility belts, SoundOnSound at only two years of age is quickly gaining notoriety. Local papers and magazines have noticed. If SoundOnSound enters a venue as an unknown, they will leave as Gods among men.

However, they remain humble in understanding that "what we are is stardust".

But not so humble as to avoid using their own lyrics in their Band BIO.



Written By: Pablo Adriel Martinez

i swear to god i wanted it to go real slow
but propulsion grants me no control
if there's a god i want her to give me control
so i'm not left with only you ghost

these Is are not lies

whirly bird, we're hurly burly
when we waned was way too early

if there's a god, i swear to god
(i wanted it to go real slow)


Machine - EP released August 2012