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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | SELF

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock




"Sound Parlor"

" Sound Parlor offers radiant pop-rock originals, dotted with bouncy keys" - Tampa Bay Times

"Artist of The Day: Sound Parlor"

Led by multi-instrumentalists Danny Scordato and Alex Merrill, both 14, the group was joined last year by drummer Andrea Tafelski, 15. Their sound is already impressive. On their debut self-titled album, Beatles fanatics Danny and Alex have cultivated a sound that's impressively beyond their years -- think Rufus Wainwright, Paul McCartney or Todd Rundgren. - TBT ST petersburg Times

"From The Garage: Sound Parlor"

By SARA MINEO | Country Side High
and TAYLOR LAPUMA | Lakewood High

It was keyboard class at John Hopkins Middle School that brought piano-based pop band Sound Parlor together, their passion driving their vision of becoming professional musicians. Sound Parlor plays their Beatles-inspired music at venues around St. Petersburg. Band member Danny Scordato spoke with tb-two* recently and filled us in on the band and their music, which they call “jazzy rock with funk undertones.”

What gave you the inspiration to pick the name ‘Sound Parlor’?
A parlor is a type of a guitar that used to be pretty popular.

How did the band get started?
We all went to John Hopkins Middle School. I met Alex (Merrill) in keyboard class and my guitar teacher told us about Andrea (Tafelski).

How would you describe the music you make?
Piano-based pop. We try to emulate ’60s and ’70s style.

Do your parents support you guys?
Yes, all of our parents are very supportive and help us as much as they can.

Do you see a future for Sound Parlor?
I think we’ll last for a while, and hopefully make it our future career.

What bands have been an inspiration to you?
Definitely the Beatles, the Doors, Queen, and Earth, Wind, and Fire

What’s the favorite song you’ve made?
Every time we make a new song, it becomes our new favorite.

What’s your favorite song to cover?
Any song by the Beatles that was a hit.
- TBTwo (St Petersburg Times)

"Step Into the Sound Parlor"

If you happen to hear Sound Parlor before you see them for the first time, you're likely to do a double take. The trio's sound, coming, as it does, from three musicians all 16 and under, has a maturity that belies the age of its members. We thought we'd invite these guys into our parlor, for a little Q & A.

How do you describe your sound?

Andrea: It's really hard to put into words especially since it has been evolving over the years. Our songs are basically keyboard based Jazz-Rock.
Alex: I would describe our sound as a Rock band with Funk and Blues undertones.
Danny: Well Andrea is kinda Jazzy, Alex is quite Funky, and I'm pretty Rockin'. So when you combine those things you get our sound.

How old are each of you and what do you play?

Andrea: 16, Drum set/percussion
Alex: 14, Keyboard/organ/bass guitar/backup vocals
Danny: 15, Guitar/keyboard/bass guitar/lead vocals

Where’s your fave gig to play in or around the ‘Burg?

Andrea: Jannus Landing is really cool because everyone knows where it is and everyone likes being there, they also don't have a problem with our music being too loud when most places do.
Alex: My favorite place to play in the Burg would have to be Ferg's or Jannus Landing.
Danny: Probably Jannus, they've got a good vibe going on there.

What kind of obstacles do you face being young performers?

Andrea: A lot of people see three young musicians on stage and are immediately turned off. It's really hard to appeal to adults as it is to younger groups, especially when they've never heard of you and they grew up with amazing bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.
Alex: Since we are young performers we can't play certain clubs or venues that only allow adults.
Danny: Yeah, It's kinda hard being taken seriously at first by most people because they think we are just another bad kids band who play heavy rock that you can't make out the words too but once they hear us they realize that we are actually quite talented musicians.

- I Love The Burg, Downtown St Pete


Sound Parlor Debut in 2013!!



Sound Parlor is a band composed of three teens ages 14-16 from St. Petersburg, FL, who have created a unique sound reminiscent of the bands if the 60’s and 70’s but with a contemporary feel.
Sound Parlor released a self-entitled CD in 2010 and are in the works to release their second. The band has Andrea Tafelski as the drummer, Alex Merrill on keyboard, bass and backup vocals and Danny Scordato on guitar, bass, keys and lead vocals. The band was originally formed in 2008, with just Danny and Alex and was named Danny S. After Andrea joined the group, the band was named Sound Parlor. Since then they have done several radio interviews on WMNF 88.5, including performing on the Live Music Showcase, and their song “Open Your Eyes” reached #1 on New Art Radio’s charts for Soft Rock. They have been featured in the St. Petersburg Times twice and in the Tampa Bay Times.
They have been playing all over Tampa Bay at venues such as Skippers, The Pier, Ferg’s, The Hideaway, and various festivals. Sound Parlor played with artist Shawn Brown on St. Petersburg’s First Friday where they performed for about 5,000 people, and recently opened for Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane at Jannus Landing. The combination of sounds that Sound Parlor uses is reminiscent of the Beatles and the Doors with a little Stevie Wonder thrown in. The things that makes this band unique is that all three are young, accomplished musicians, who are writing and singing meaningful lyrics with a distinct sound all their own.
Hearing their recordings are one thing, but seeing them live is the way to do it. They constantly rehearse and write, putting together the best live show possible. They mix humor in between songs and have several instrument changes and a variety of music styles. Their songs are reminiscent of many of the rock icons they have performed with, including those from Steely Dan, Cheap Trick, Doobie Brothers, Boston, Jefferson Airplane, James Brown, and Rick Derringer.