Sound Planet

Sound Planet


"Entertaining audiences with contagious rhythms and an energizing stage presence, Sound Planet is poised to raise the bar for World Beat Music.” Phil Cipriano–Sound Scape Magazine "Come Feel The Rhythm"


* The Sound:
The innovative music of Sound Planet, spans a gap between Reggae, Funk, Rock, Pan-African, Salsa and other world influences.

* The Evolution of a Planet:
.......And so the story goes. The band began conceptually in late 2003 as Sean Connolly had been writing songs towards a sound, which fused together all his favorite styles. He slowly started searching out musicians with simpilar concepts and experience, when (((more to come)))

'''''''''''''' *** $@$% Sound Planet has been blazing a path with notable performances at festivals and events, and now sees the tangible results from their labor of love by steadily gaining an impressive fan base.

* Song Creation Process:
"Taking fans around the world in a set", Sean writes the majority of bands innovative material, with Massama contributing some amazing originals as well. However, it's truly during rehearsals that a unique musical/personality chemistry between all the band members evolves the songs into unique works of art.

* Planet Purpose:
"To remain faithful to the freedoms of musical exploration, while enlightening our fans ("The Inhabitants") on both stage and radio with an evident passion, and a solid groove to get lost in."

*** The Planet Population ***

"Holding Down the Bottom", Sean fuses his versatile playing skills with innovative song writing talents to help drive the Planet sound. Sean began his journey into the creative arts at a very early age by writing song lyrics and poetry, but a natural sense of rhythm soon found him experimenting with various instruments. A little known fact is that Sean did not begin by playing bass, but in a short stint as drummer with his first band Zion Wave. However, as fate would have it, a minor arm injury coupled with his band losing their original bass player four weeks before a major gig caused Sean to switch over to the bass, which he fell in love with and it has been his primary instrument ever since. Sean's performing and song writing experience encompasses a myriad of styles including Reggae, World Beat and Rock. When not performing with the SP, he stays busy writing/producing musical works for other artist through his company (Studio Irie Productions) Other Interests: Martial Arts Practice, Cooking and Poetry.

* Steve Marshall: (comming soon)

* Massama Dogo: (comming soon)

For Bookings - Sean Connolly - 301.943.2126


Sound Planet -Lyrics

Written By: Sean Connolly

Many of our fans have been requesting to see the actual lyrics for the songs in our set list. This page is under construction now, and will not only feature some lyrics, but for some songs there will be a brief bio about how the song was concieved and developed.
Check back frequently.


Check in frequently for updates.

Set List

Sound Planet's repertoire primarily consist of original material, but also features a selection of popular cover songs that have been tastefully embellished. The music is upbeat, and features the rotating talents of 2 to 3 singers in a set, as well as the dynamics of band members occasionally switching up instrumentation.

The average set length is 45 minutes for 2-3 sets, but the band has enough material for consecutive sets, and the ability to perform at the same venue several times by rotating the diverse set list to give there regular fan base variety. Sets are tailored to fit the particular venue that the band performs at.
Below is a sample the bands Original Material considered as "Fan Favorites"

Loving Emergency
Under 1 Sky
Can't Wait to Tell You
Super Nova
Irie State of Mind
Tell The Rain
Luv me Luv me Not
Go or Stay
I'm Here Anyway
Snake Charmers Dub

Hotel California
Here me when I c