Sound Pressure Level

Sound Pressure Level

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Why does music always need to be serious? What about enjoying your youth and having fun? That is what Sound Pressure Level is about. Their quirky lyrics and infectious beats make people want to get up and dance. They are the best combination of dubstep/electro rhythms and edgy hip hop styling.


Sammie 'Soup' Ellard-King, Alex 'Peas' Wallace and Roxy Yarnold are Sound Pressure Level (SPL). The group began life as the duo of Sammie and Alex in 2006, who pursued their mutual love of all things Hip-Hop and Urban under the monikers of 'Soup' and 'Peas'. In 2009, their talent caught the attention of UPIA producers Sefi and OJ, who recorded the pairs debut 6 track EP and which received over 25,000 listeners online. To set themselves uniquely apart from their contemporaries, the group decided to enlist the sultry toned, former X-Factor contestant, Roxy Yarnold to complete the outfit and create SPL.

The ethos of the trio is to not be restrained by the parameters of conventional and standard hip hop and electro trends. Sammie 'Soup' relates how the group took 'a big look at the market at the moment and tried to step out of it, to keep the best bits but sound totally different.' Essentially, the goal of SPL is to make music which is creative, impressive, original and to made to the highest standard possible.

Alex ' Peas' describes the sound of their forthcoming album, The Recipe as having 'a similar electro feel throughout but at different paces, mixing with dub step, hip hop and a bit of drum a bass some times.' Their music is about what works, what makes kids want to punch and air and have fun. 'It's just party music,' adds Roxy, 'We're not trying to aim for one sound.'

The party vibe is guaranteed to spread infectiously on any dance floor with their throbbing dub-step inspired debut single 'Getting Off'. Whilst, their versatility is shown perfectly with their wonderfully warm and rhythmic song 'Best Friend Jack', which misses none of the upbeat, youthful tone present throughout the album.

The distinctive nature of SPL, with a female vocalist intrinsic to the group dynamic, is guaranteed to broaden the group's appeal to a more diverse audience. Roxy's melodic embellishments and yearning vocal appeals perfectly complements the cheeky and exuberant lyrics of the boys. Alex says of their 'party vibe' song writing style and general tone of the trio, ‘We aren’t angry people, we love to have a good time. We are a general reflection of the youth of today as we love to get out and about and party’,

The band have been in development with UPIA Music and Soho based producers Sefi Carmel and OJ (Ofer Shabi) for two years, fine tuning the identity of the act, and producing their debut album 'The Recipe'. The album was recently mastered by Yoad Nevo (Sugababes, Girls Aloud, Goldfrapp).
SPL have a strong fan base, over 20,000 online plays and gig regularly in venues across the UK including Unity Festival in Southall Park, London. They are a group which is quickly on the rise and guaranteed to steal radio air-play in the near future.


Album: The Recipe
Debut Single: 'Getting Off'
2nd Release: 'My Best Friend Jack'
3rd Release: 'Flashin' the Money'