Adventurous, soulful acoustic blues- rock, with an organic twist of folk-fueled jazz.


Jason Hanley is a songwriter that was born in Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in south Florida. Jason grew up in Charlotte N.C. where he was introduced to blues by friends and his parent's old albums. The young musician/ singer songwriter began playing clubs in the late 80's as a lead/ rhythm guitarist in what was then labeled as alternative rock & roll. Some of the project names were Enterlandscapes, Latino Chrome, Trust Fall, Soul Beyond and a myriad of others that evolved into other bands and other types of musical ventures.
Currently Jason is expressing himself under the name SOUND PROOF in south Florida. SOUND PROOF is turning into a collective of musicians that love to play music in an impromptu fashion, pulling together the style of organic music yet still highlighting some of progressions of jazz and blues. The group changes forms according to the gig they are catering to, yet the band/ solo act still primarily remains original music. Jason is the primary songwriter for the band of gypsies. He also acts as a solo artist that books under the name of SOUND PROOF.


2007-Nasoni- Records, SOUND PROOF
2006-Sunset Records,
2005- Cdbaby, THE CHICAGO BUS
2003- Blizzard Records
SOUND PROOF (1999-2003)

Set List

My sets can be as long as 4 hours and as short as 20 minutes. I do originals with intermixed covers, and jazz standards. It depends on the gig according to the genera of music I cater to.