Sound Remedy

Sound Remedy

 Evanston, Illinois, USA

I am about keeping it real but being different.

Sound Remedy delivers a lifetime mesmerizing show and creates timeless music.


Sound Remedy
“Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. EVER” –Sound Remedy
I write music that I like and sometimes other people like it too.
When I play shows, I wear a gold mask, work my own lights, and mix music that the crowd enjoys. I primarily play electro, dub step and house.
I have written music for films and I also license tracks for commercial use.
I run an audio mastering business.
No one will ever know what I look like because music is the only thing that has mattered to me for the past 8 years.
Contact me if you are interested in showcasing an electronic artist that doesn’t just stand in one place and hit a play button.