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Recoded 2007



Our Story - the beginning of our Biography:
When Sounds Become Us formed we wanted to take many elements and ball them into one sound to create something huge. The first goal was to stop dealing with idiot managers and flakey musicians but it seems like a never ending cycle.
In the beginning we had not established rolls in the band but knew we all had something in common, mainly because we each played three or five instruments at least. Guyton met MUDI after answering an ad on-line. Johnny recalls the ad that MUDI put out was quite funny but to the point and different from any musician ad he had seen which caught his attention as well as Guyton. MUDI and Guyton met, and soon started working together then followed by another guy named Tim. It took going through a couple of musicians to find the sound we thought we were looking for, but did a 360 once we lost Tim and Johnny came in...
The band sort of fell into place after, finally! We now could get the ball rolling and start working on the songs. But still they didn't know who played what? MUDI was use to playing the drums, Johnny loved the bass, and Guyton was into the keyboards and everything else. So basically after Guyton sat down on drums it was clear he was a bad ass on drums and took the roll as drummer. Johnny not really being a front man but a bass player swapped out and stepped up to the plate and then it was like lock and key. MUDI being a Moog knob turning Synth wizard wanted to do what he loved best and that was play bass and keyboards, then the circle was complete.
Sounds Become Us forms and takes a new approach towards the music writing process and creating a distinct sound of their own. Being the seasonal musicians they are and having countless huge shows under there belt from previous bands the guys really wanted to step back and take a look at how they wrote music and see how far they could push their skills.
The guys soon agreed to try and mesh styles to create a weird new sound that would be superior to anything that was being played by any band in their home town. So needing a place to rehearse and record Johnny built a home recording studio in the back of his small garage this would be the home base where everything was played and recorded from now on.
After the studio was built they realized things would be more cost efficient to record their demo and produce and tinker with countless hours of things they have never tried before. Instead of paying a recording studio a million dollars this was absolutely the best route. So once the studio was finished they immediately started working on the first song and then on to many others. As of now the band is currently finishing there Album / first demo album which is not titled or released yet. The bands goal is to go on tour and unleash the powerful sound of Sounds Become Us to people all over. Currently the guys are looking for label support and outlets to getting the music exposed to the world as well.