Chicago, Illinois, USA

A mix of Electro, House, and Dance music, Soundscape is guaranteed to shake any dancefloor. This hard hitting, energetic music is matched by the 3 members of the group onstage, who make it their goal to energize any audience.


Soundscape started as a love for electronic music branched into equipment purchases, and materialized as three guys that loved playing music to make people dance.

Playing shows in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and anywhere their services are needed, Soundscape has quickly created a buzz for themselves among party goers and fun-lovers anywhere they've gone.

Soundscape is currently operating as both a mobile DJ service and club circuit DJ's in the midwest and are available anywhere a dance party is needed.


Set List

Sets are flexible and can be as long or short as needed. Begin sets with House/Hip-hop, then progress into high energy Electro, the sets peak during the Dance music guaranteed to make the dancefloor erupt.