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Soundscape Soul @ The Knitting Factory - Old Office

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Soundscape Soul @ East Side Stages

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin, Texas, USA

Soundscape Soul @ Campus Authority

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



What do you get when you put a diverse vocalist with a killer guitarist? Hands? Anyone? You get MF’s Soundscape! Commonly known as Josh Springer and Matt Aronson, the acoustic team that makes up Soundscape has been making fans and climbing the MF charts faster than you can say…well…Soundscape. For months on end Soundscape was number 1 on the most listened charts and while their name has not officially been changed on the site, Josh Springer continues to be high on not only the most listened chart but also the highest rated chart.

So what makes these guys so likeable? It might just be their sense of humor. Having a laugh for everything, you can find more than one gag track in their repertoire of music up on the site page. Or it could be the voice that carries Golden Lady so well during their performance at the Knitting Factory. If all else fails it could be the awesome guitar skills of Sir Matt Aronson who now has his own page for his music at Music Freedom. Could things get any better for the Mfers? It sure could!

Each day they are giving away awesome tracks for buying the ones that they have on the site and are constantly replenishing their storehouse of music. They are constantly promoting themselves as well as the site bringing artists like Twin-A to the MF family. How cool is that! They stay in touch and try to be as much a part of the MF family as possible.

But! This is also about the music isn’t it? I have to say that my personal favorite song of theirs shows itself on my mix. From the minute I heard “Code Red” I was hooked. The feel of the song makes itself an acoustic jewel of theirs. For being a live recording, with just one take to get the song right, the song is really awesome.

Creating music is a close to heart thing no matter who you are, and for these guys to share their fabulous music with the MF community literally as soon as a new track is mastered is a cool treat. Taking the time to get to know each and every person that has subscribed and writing out as many emails and PMs as they can is a hard job that not even the best of artists can do on their own but Soundscape manages to handle the load and constantly try their best to help others.

Their freedom to create the music that they want and thee creativity that they push wrapped up in a sense of humor that is unparalleled in MANY artists. Watch out for Soundscape as artists on the rise! - Altoid_Rocker (

FameCast, based in Austin, is the leading online talent competition to find America’s best up-and-coming artists. After three months of competition on 12 virtual "stages" at, the top 5 acts in each category (as determined by visitor voting) will come to Austin to perform in a live performance that will be Webcast worldwide.

Many Austin acts will compete against artists hailing from locations ranging from Italy to Illinois, all for a shot at $10,000 and the international exposure that comes with being crowned a FameCast “Fenom.” Local music fans, comedy enthusiasts and film buffs can watch their hometown heroes by RSVPing for the studio audience at

Top 5 FameCast Finalists: Singer/Songwriter
Billy Redfield (Baltimore, MD)
Colin Orthmann (Newberg, OR)
Natalie Gelman (New York, NY)
Soundscape Soul (New York, NY)
Eli Poulin (Winslow, ME) -

The Soundscape Soul live experience offers charismatic charm, humor, improvisation and earthy, natural harmonies. Springer and Aronson create a crowd-interactive atmosphere which most have deemed as rare in today's music world. - Fawn - Recording Artist

If you think you’ve heard it all, take a better listen: you haven’t heard anything like Soundscape Soul, the freshest acoustic duo to hit the New York City music scene. The magical chemistry of Josh Springer and Matt Aronson, the acoustic duo that makes up Soundscape Soul, is a wonderfully refreshing sound from two wonderful individuals.

When Aronson and Springer met and started playing together at the summer camp they worked at, it was hard to deny the blend of Springer’s smooth voice and the cool jazz sound of Aronson’s guitar. Recognizing the power of the digital music world, Springer and Aronson started recording their music through the internet, and in March 2006, Within State Lines, their debut album, was born.

Springer and Aronson create a masterpiece in Lines, filled with a mixture of earthy tones and harmonies, created by two voices and a guitar. That’s it. To Aronson and Springer, extra sounds usually added in a studio would hide the personality that comes out in each song. “We share our music to share it, and really get people involved in it. We want people to see, feel, and hear that we love out music,” Springer says.

It would be hard not to feel the wave of relaxation that washes over you with songs like “Try” and “Her Song.” A fan favorite, “Code Red,” showcases the perfection of Springer and Aronson’s collaboration, with Aronson’s melodies setting the mood for their vocal harmony. In songs like “In My World,” a song about the imprint a past love leaves on a heart. The lyrics read: “You told me I would never be alone in this world/I would always have someone to call in this world/I don’t know where I would be without those kind, kind words/They will always be with me in my world.” Springer’s lyrics are mature, yes – but what he aims for is “someone to be able to listen to our music and say, ‘You know, I really understand what they’re saying.’” Mission accomplished. Soundscape Soul is proud to be part of the internet music revolution, as Within State Lines is conveniently being sold through iTunes Music Store.

Accepting fans into the Soundscape world doesn’t stop at the lyrics. Live shows are where you will really see the magic of Springer and Aronson’s solidarity come to life. Making their live debut in New York City in October 2005, the band has played at The Knitting Factory, The Triad Theater, The Cutting Room and Kenny’s Castaways. The boys require audience interaction, and add their fans into the fun they’re having on stage – something that even the greatest musicians of our time can’t conquer. In the future, do yourself a favor and have an intimate night with music and laughter, hosted by Soundscape Soul.

Springer and Aronson take pride in the fact that their music, promotion, and growing fan base is all a product of their hard work. Constantly promoting themselves is a key factor in their success. Getting to know their fans, one by one, is a reflection of their down-to-earth personalities. To keep the fans guessing, Springer and Aronson are always adding new tracks, such as “Flightless Wings,” on their website and Myspace page. If you want to get to know the boys, just log on to their website – they crave contact with their very loyal fan base.

What’s next for the duo? They’re content with doing what they do best. Says Springer, “Sure, the ultimate would be to greater venues, bigger crowds, mass media, fame and fortune. But what’s all that without being sincere and really enjoying what you do?” Good question.
- Allison Lerman (Soundscape Soul PR)

Austin, TX (Billboard Publicity Wire/PRWeb) March 21, 2007 -- After two months and three rounds of tough competition by more than eight hundred artists across six stages and voting by more than eighteen thousand fans, FameCast, the first online talent competition designed to find America's best new artists, today announced the top ten finalists for each of the six stages comprising Season One. Artists from around the country who have moved on to the top ten will now compete to be a top five finalist and battle for the grand prize during six live finalists shows in Austin, TX April 9-14. The live shows will be webcast for the viewing audience to cast their votes for the winner on each stage. The grand prize winners on each stage will win $10,000 and global exposure.

"Many great up and coming artists across America have competed in Season One, but now the competition really heats up with the top ten battling on each stage for their chance to make it to the finals in Austin, TX," said Kent Savage, Founder and CEO of FameCast. "The public has voted and now that we are nearing the Season One live finals show the cash payoff and national exposure are within grasp."

Many great up and coming artists across America have competed in Season One, but now the competition really heats up with the top ten battling on each stage for their chance to make it to the finals in Austin, TX

Top 5 FameCast Finalists: Pop
Paul Jones (Seattle, WA)
Grisel (El Paso/Austin, TX)
Angela Carnegie (New York, NY)
Robbie Hazen (Hollywood, FL)
*Soundscape Soul (New York, NY)
- Withdrew due to the show conflicting with a religious observance.
*The Fishermen (Washington, DC)
- Replaced Soundscape Soul as the 6th place finalist. -


Truth (2007 - Independent)
- Available in the iTunes Music Store, Rhapsody, Napster, E-Music, Sony Connect, Yahoo Music, and other online retailers.

Within State Lines (2006 - Independent)
- Available in the iTunes Music Store, Rhapsody, Napster, E-Music, Sony Connect, Yahoo Music, and other online retailers.



Featuring the talents of Josh Springer and Matt Aronson, Soundscape Soul creates a crowd-interactive atmosphere where listeners become part of the music. The Soundscape Soul live experience offers charismatic charm, humor, improvisation and earthy, natural harmonies. With influences ranging from Al Green to Phish, there a little something for everyone in their songs and lyrics.

Notable Accomplishments and Performances: Season Two Finalist
- Ranked #4 out of 113 Artists on the Singer/Songwriter stage
- Webcast performance from Austin, TX which aired live on July 31st, 2007 can be viewed on Launch Party and Industry Showcase:
- Performed in front of many Industry Professionals at The Cutting Room in New York City
- Shared the stage with artists from around the United States and around the world.

Featured in's "Mixtape Vol. 2" Compilation Top 20 Artist (Heavily based on sales)

Featured on Oneil Records' 1st Compilation CD, "PREAMP" Feature Interview