Boston, Massachusetts, USA

With a shared sense of musicality from varied influences, sounsofaether rises above the commonplace of conventional structure and pushes the envelope of music creation further than most. Our unconventional sounds stay neatly within familiar structures so as to allow ourselves and others to enjoy.


Since forming in March 20011, Boston-based soundsofaether has built a loyal fan base by offering a unique brand of melodic classic rock and an intense stage performance. James Morris (vocals/harp), Nick Cefalu (electric guitar/vocals), Dave Bigler (acoustic guitar), W. Carpenter (bass) and Mark Vincola (drums) are passionate songwriters committed to delivering their music live with the same precision found on their recordings.

soundsofaether has quickly become a proficient live band. In just under a year, they have proven to be a band to see and hear live, all without label or management support. At their unique rehearsal space in Lower Mills, the band collaborates on sincere lyrics, beautifully crafted guitar riffs, solid bass lines and precision drum work, as evidenced in their upcoming EP, "sounds through the next century" recorded and mastered by Tony Shultz at Big T Productions, Quincy ,MA.

With their sounds and technical prowess at the ready, soundsofaether have ridden their own momentum into the new year by promoting their own style of rock and roll and bringing it to many local shows live in Boston and all it's surrounding neighborhoods. With routine play on a UNregular Radio, the band keeps pushing the envelope into more advanced song structures all the while developing a solid fan base. In Boston, their sounds have become synonymous with poised grace and rhythm, ensuring many venues and stations feature the band regularly. Modern classic alternative rock and roll to make you move and infectious enough to keep you singing along, this band is for everyone… soundsofaether would like to expand your interest in sound.

Keep coming to the live shows and look out for their upcoming live performances on youtube, vimeo, and soundcloud.


new generation ep title track recorded and released summer 2010
tracks included...

easy (fishing for souls)
thrown away
new generation
lie to me
small man