Sounds of Asteroth

Sounds of Asteroth


Martin Von Sexy, Gabriel Von Lead, Rich Von Rythme, Sir Von Top, Kimberly Drummin', Cherry Nova, Cotton Candy, Cream Fillin', Blow POP!, Butterscotch Baby and the lovely Puddin'.


Sounds of ASTEROTH (SOA) is an art-rock act that might be best described as Los Angles' ultimate art music experiment. Featuring hot dancers, pretty bubbles and shiny bodies adorned with glitter, the music is smart, witty and rocking. The band members are sexy, funny, honest and hot! SOA is a band with creative range drawing an eclectic crowd wherever they plug-in. From Sliverlake hipsters, to Hollywood hustlers, from downtown outsiders to angry suburban youth, SOA is a band to be reckoned with. Fronted by play-write, director, singer, Martin Von Sexy, the group claims to come from the planet "Glimmer". Martin insists the band descended upon Hollywood a few years ago when their diamond-shaped spaceship crashed. Martin claims, "our Earth mission is to ignite ASTEROTH bliss in the minds of those who cross our path. Also, we fancy the Earth store Ralph's... good power bars." Martin is also a fine-arts painter who curates art collectives and gallery shows around LA.


Big Top Hotel, LP
Planet Glimmer, EP

Set List

Sample Set List:

Musical Taste of a Teenage Girl
Move In Slowly
Big Pink Rabbit
The Inventor
Emma's Blood
My Turn
Scratched and Sniffed
Florescent Lighting