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Sounds of Era


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Man with No Name (2011)
Scum of the Earth (2011)
The Fool (2011)
Here to Stay (2012)
4 ways to Die (2012)
Through Space and Time (2012)
Extinct (2012)



Summer of 2010
Rudy Be Lopez: Hey Erwin...wanna help me record? I'm looking to start a band but I'm having difficulty finding a drummer and bassist. Just fill in for me on drums and I'll do the vocals, guitar and bass. Hopefully, I can find bandmates once I put my music online

Erwin Orellana: Yea man, I'll help you out

Rudy: Interested in becoming my drummer?

Erwin: Nah man, I just have too much stuff on my plate but I'll help you out...I'm not even a real drummer

Rudy: I'm not a real guitarist, you know bass is my thing, and I'm not even sure how to sing

Erwin: Haha ok well it sounds like you know what you are doing...let's put some ideas down and go from there

Sounds of Era (SOE) began in that initial conversation. They weren't sure where they were going but sometimes that's the best plan; natural talent and instincts flourish in the beautiful struggle. Born and raised in the City of Angels, two lost Latino kids found truth in the instruments they were playing and decided to find, build, create, DO SOMETHING! with that truth, finally coming together with close friend Jairo Abrego on second guitar. They are no gimmicks, they are no color, they are what you see and hear, a quality that seems to be lost in the business of it all; with their latin rhythms, out of this world guitar and unbound energy, Sounds of Era is looking to bring integrity back to mainstream music.