Folk/pop trio who just released their debut album - Follow Me. Check it out! http://soundcloud.com/soundsofminerva


The music of Minerva is an eclectic collection of emotions, jazz infused melodies, and folk style story-telling songs that span the life times of the sultry trio of songwriters showcased in the album "Follow Me". Well known for their haunting harmonies, beautiful violin lines, and ethnic colors the muses of Minerva strive to find the beautiful balance between melody and meaning. Their tuneful meanderings, and truthful musical style has an ethereal feel, yet the music has firm roots, and immediately engages the listener.

The multi-talented girls of Minerva, Lauren Ireland the Soprano and Leela Aheer the Mezzo, were and are destined to play together. As fate had it, it was through their love of music, melody, harmony and friendship that eventually brought the dream of Minerva to fruition.


"Follow me" - November 2011