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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Dream Pop




"Music Waste Review - Mu"

Mu are one of Vancouver's most promising acts. Formed around the inimitable duo of Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand, the dreamy synth-pop project has Evy Jane-level buzz building in the city, though their sound is like a more emo CocoRosie or Grimes. Wearing flowing peach and green Middle Eastern dresses, taking swigs of a kombucha drink, the duet of Belcourt and Rand was fleshed out live by Syd Beagle on a Yamaha drum pad, Evan Hardy's atmospheric guitar and Nyra Chalmers adding dissonant textures on violin. Unfortunately, they had persistent sound problems, but they had an admirable sound guy working his butt off for them, changing out a cable during their first song and trying to fix a lack of vocal reverb and Novation synth on Rand's side of the stage later on.

Rand played through, the professional she is, with a look of stern concentration rarely leaving her face, even when dancing, while nothing seemed to phase Belcourt, as she jived around, cracked wise, grooved on the music and smiled effortlessly. Belcourt was a natural stage personality, while Rand came across more contemplative, the elusive genius, balancing their youthful whimsy with new age introspection. Regardless of the sound, they delivered the goods on their single "To Be Young" and everything clicked into place for their last song, a cover of Angelo Badalamenti's "Mysteries of Love" from David Lynch's Blue Velvet. They have sweet harmonies, well-researched influences, and an evolving live show that extends the sound heard on their debut EP. Mu's time is coming. - Exclaim! Magazine

"Sensitive Feels - Sensitive Tracks Of The Month"

Aging is a scary part of life that each of us has to face. Most of the time we are accepting and ok with it, but sometimes there are moments when we just want to reject and say no. This is where a new girlband from Vancouver, Mu, comes in with their playful song that expresses those fighting urges of staying young forever. - Dazed Digital

"Introducing - Mu"

If I was still making up cheeky post titles, this one’s would probably be “Nice To Meet Mu“, but thankfully I’ve grown past that point.  Still, it is very, very nice to introduce you to Vancouver, BC’s Mu, the duo of Brittney Rand and Francesca Belcourt, whose experiments combining synthetic sounds and the organic charms of voices and samples has created the incredibly nuanced music on Mu the EP.
I was smitten within seconds of hearing this 4-song EP, released last week through Bandcamp.  Rand is the digital music production graduate and Belcourt is the singer-songwriter, and together they are musical alchemy, self-recording, producing, and masterminding their performances and content.  Rand reached out to me through the new Submit form, epitomizing what I had hoped to achieve by creating it: have new artists directly contact me with their incredible music that I might not have otherwise heard.  I’m so pleased as punch to be introducing them to you in the first of what I’m sure will be many mentions of Mu on Quick Before It Melts.
Mu is available as a name-your-price download now through Bandcamp. - Quick Before It Melts

"Review - Mu EP"

Mu manage to create a better articulated version of the kind of thoughts which pass through your head while cloud-watching. Or even lying in bed at night mulling things over. Reading their EP description,“our adventures in the tragedies of youth,” It’s hard not to cringe and imagine a whining collection of songs on heartbreak and self-esteem. However, Mu are something quite different altogether.
This is their self-titled debut EP, as a little-known duo out of Vancouver, Canada and while their music is categorised as electro pop, it is also unpredictable and experimental. Mu combine minimal melodies with Indian percussion, chimes and electronic work and then put the spotlight on their free-flowing vocal harmonies.

It does remain to be an exploration of the struggles of youth: “I want to live my past life, this one goes so fast by.” Although it feels more like you’re in the middle of a good time and you don’t want it to end, rather than weighing us down in sombre music.
For some of the EP it is almost spoken word, with poetic lyrics rolling into each other. But then it expands into their lovely vocal interludes. There is a combination of clever lyrics “I can be as dark as the back of the moon” with a subtle sensitivity that makes each track stick in your mind. - Adam Not Eve

"Introduction To Mu"

MØ, NO, NONONO and now MU. Boy, things are getting confusing. Vancouver duo MU, comprised of Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand are rather special, as they show on their debut self titled EP. Four tracks of dreamy synth pop, it’s perfectly in keeping with their immaculate visuals. Comparison wise, they’re likely to receive the Say Lou Lou nod, yet there’s a density to their sound that goes beyond purely pop music, for instance the child’s laughter sampled on Everything, which then flows expertly into a uniquely crafted ‘chorus’ of sorts. Check out the full EP below, including personal favourite Big Star. - Crack In The Road

"Mu - To Be Young"

Vancouver certainly has no short supply of talent right now, but if we must add one name to the ever-growing list, it must be MU. The infectious electronic-pop duo just released their self-titled MU EP, and so we had to pick a favourite. Stream “To Be Young” below.
If like us you love their sassy-pop ways, then you can name your price and download MU, the EP via Bandcamp. - Tinman London

"A Synth Pop Balancing Act"

Brittney Rand and Francesca Belcourt are two very lanky and bejeweled singer-songwriters who very much like their namesake, the lost continent Mu, drift mythically in a sea of electronic pop. As self-proclaimed narrators of the adventures and tragedies of youth, they are combining the poignant and often drastic tales of wandering 20-somethings with their intricate knowledge of Vancouver’s burgeoning electronic world.

The two have spent the majority of their musical careers working as solo artists and in the process of producing MU’s EP have had to adjust their songwriting process to accompany this newly found dualism. When asked about this, Belcourt speaks up and explains. “Well now that we’re doing it together the intention is to always have a banger at the end!” With this her partner in crime, Rand, laughs and attempts to steer the conversation to a more constructive analysis of their musical development. This exchange is an extremely accurate representation of the band’s dynamic both in the way they create music and interact socially. Belcourt in her everyday speech is akin to a silly little kid in bright New Balance sneakers ready and excited to be seen by the world. Conversely, Rand is well versed and eloquent when she speaks about her music. Belcourt brings out Rand’s silly and more artistically adventurous side and Rand brings a new and modern perspective on the singer/songwriting world to Francesca’s classical style.

Rand does this through her unique production approach: “[My production style] has always kind of been experimenting with fantasy versus reality. I try to do something that’s both organic sounding but also rough by using a metallic sound and then using a really really soft synth, something like that. I think that’s what makes it kind of interesting.”

By combining two people, one with a wild and unkempt artistic brilliance and the other with a deep intellectual and intentional approach to both writing and production, you are left with a perfect balance of experimentation and organization.

They say all that glitters is not gold, but in the case of this beautiful EP and the future of MU, this statement may prove false. With gem stones perpetually super glued to their foreheads and haunting melodies ever spilling from their lips, the lost continent of Mu is making a comeback and it won’t take long for the rest of the world to discover it. - Beatroute Magazine

"What's So Good?"

Every now and then, you come across a song that sums up your own personal experiences so perfectly, you begin to wonder if the songwriter has been trawling through secretly filmed footage of your life for creative inspiration. Mu's "Everything" is one such song.

On the surface, the Canadian duo seem otherworldly -- their name is taken from that of a mythical lost continent, and looking as they do on the cover of their self-titled EP, the pair would certainly fit in on the set of Star Trek. However, as we know, appearances can be deceiving. While there is a touch of the ethereal in Mu's production techniques, the lyrical content of "Everything" is deeply rooted in earthly matters. Describing their music as "adventures in the tragedies of youth," Mu explores that familiar experience of falling in love. Of course, they are not the first band to sing about love, but the intensely vulnerable way in which they sing about the naivety of young love is startling. With "Everything" Mu has soundtracked the shared experiences of millions of broken-hearted tweens across the globe.

Mu sets these lyrics to a glitchy drum pattern with a wonderful array of sounds layered on top, from samples of children's laughter to bright bursts of harp. Both strange and relatable, "Everything" is a slice of perfectly imagined alternative pop. - Indie Shuffle

"Mu – “Vampire” (Stereogum Premiere)"

Electro-pop duo Mu (Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand) layer synths with the best of them and then add a touch of pop sensibility with catchy phrases and dreamy harmonies. On their latest single “Vampire,” they incorporate a highly danceable drum beat with the aforementioned tendencies and ramp them up and down with precision. In the music’s barest moments, the lyrics pierce into the forefront — particularly the line “You tried to suck me dry/ Sink your teeth in the empress in me.” Apparently the duo had some specific individuals in mind when penning the lyrics, as they had this to say about the song: “‘Vampire'” is an ode to the ones that vandalize our spirits and dine on the effervescence of thinkers, romantics and creators. To those that cannot dream.” They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this song is pretty freakin’ strong. Listen below. - Stereogum

"Exclusive: Let Mu's dreamy "II" EP carry you into the weekend"

II is formally out on February 12th, but HelloGiggles is hosting the U.S.-exclusive preview stream for the EP. In advance of its release, we emailed one-half of Mu, Brittney Rand, with a few questions about the band’s inspirations and growth.

HelloGiggles (HG): So much of your music and public image draws from this sparkling, almost witchy aesthetic. What kind of pop culture influences, if any, do you pull into both?

Love, relationships, growing up, the passage of time — these are standard pop music topics, but as rendered in dreampop duo Mu’s glittering songs, they take on mythic, mystical proportions. Earlier songs like “To Be Young” have an earthier, more minimal vibe, but Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand’s second EP, released almost exactly two years after Mu and simply titled II, levels up in every possible way: More expansive production, trickier harmonies, more biting and brilliant lyrics, such as their lead single’s jaded refrain: “Debauchery ain’t what it used to be.”

Brittney Rand (BR): My pop cultural references are pretty disjointed and end up being a collage of contrasting ideas. Half the time they make no sense together. I like David Lynch movies, I follow politics, I grew up in the wilderness and in awe of music videos.

I like to imagine a reality I don’t have; I enjoy mythology. I enjoy the Kardashian family mythology, Divine and John Waters — I’m drawn to pop culture figures that sit comfortably between perverse and beautiful. I don’t really know what I draw from, but I am aware that there’s a story in everything. - Hello Giggles




Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand embrace the cutting wavelengths of electronica, enveloped in the comfort and softness of organic sounds. It took a chance meeting at the Waldorf Hotel to bring the two previously solo songwriters together and there was an instant artistic connection. Two months later they penned their first collaboration and within a year they completed their first EP, a proper introduction to the world of Mu as it tactfully marries evocative story-telling and electronic instrumentation and production. Their unique and exotic sound, with songs that draw on the emotions and experiences of twenty-somethings in a jaded, yet still hopeful world. Mu are currently working on their debut full-length.

Currently joined live by:
Evan Hardy - Guitarist
Eli Muro - Percussionist/Producer

Band Members